Macanudo Cigars



Rich and smooth, Macanudo is one of the most popular cigar bands. With a distinct, smooth, and robust taste that defines all their cigars. Hand Rolled, their cigars are twice aged to ensure that the leaves are as strong, smooth, and flavorful as possible. A brand unlike any other, Macanudo is an award winning giant, that is on the list of every serious smoker.

Few moments rival the
decadence of indulging in the first draw of a freshly lit cigar. A good cigar will greet you with warm, complex notes and a brief aromatic escape. A great cigar will make that greeting into a journey lasting from first light, to a smooth finish.

Few cigarmakers can claim the coveted title of creating a great cigar. Macanudo not only lives up to this in both the quality of smoke and in pedigree. The brand proudly wears greatness as its namesake. This is why it has been given the name Macanudo, Spanish for “the great.”

In 1968 Macanudo began life as a front mark for select cigars produced by the Cuban brand, Punch Cigar Co. General Cigar Co., a prominent manufacturer of several of the world’s most beloved premium cigar brands, acquired Macanudo in 1971. After which cigarmaking legend, Ramon Cifuentes Toriello of Partagas cigars, was placed at the helm and oversaw production in Jamaica.

Macanudo quickly became an icon with its classic, simple Parejo and Torpedo designs, and a smooth, signature flavor all its own. In 2000 production moved to the Dominican Republic, where all Macanudo cigars are handcrafted as they have been since 1968. Using primarily Dominican tobacco, aged for up to two years in rum barrels.

Then skillful artisans strip, sort, blend and roll the leaves by hand. Made to the exacting standards of excellence which have become synonymous with Macanudo. Macanudo remains a marquee member of the General Cigar Co. family, lauded by critics and fans alike.

Macanudo’s most iconic offering is their Macanudo Cafe Cigar. A mild, flavorful blend of Dominican Piloto Cubano, and Mexican tobacco. Hand bound with Mexican San Andrean leaf, and beautifully finished with a Connecticut Shade wrap. The Macanudo café has been a favorite for decades.

This classic offering can be enjoyed by both veteran smokers and beginners. Macanudo has a wide and distinct range of flavor experiences.

For the bold, Macanudo has the Macanudo Inspirado Black. Named #17 Best Cigar of 2016 by Cigar Journal and nominated for the Cigar Trophy 2016 for Best Value. Nominated along with the full bodied Macanudo 1968.

The critical acclaim didn't stop there. In recent years Macanudo has earned favorable ratings from experts on a constant basis. In 2017 the Macanudo Inspirado Orange Churchill was awarded 20th best cigar of the year by Cigar Aficionado.

The reviewer noted it's more medium to full bodied than most Macanudos. While praising its buttery profile loaded with notes of leather, mesquite, almonds, and black pepper.

That's not the only stick to make the famous Cigar Aficionado Top 25. The Macanudo Cru Royale made the number 23 spot for the year 2012. A somewhat tropical inspired stick that was famous for its dark and oily wrapper. Packed with the lively taste of rich mixed nuts and oak.

For fans of the rare and exclusive, there is the limited Macanudo Estate Reserve. Made with leaves aged for eight to ten years. Created to celebrate Macanudo’s 45th anniversary.

Macanudo has a flavor to suit every mood and taste. Whichever flavor profile prefer you will enjoy a perfect balance of the signature Macanudo smooth smoke. With the more daring or mild blends of your choice.

With each draw, you will immerse yourself in a fragrant homage to Macanudo. As it was in 1968, with modern blends and notes that embody the company’s position as “the great” cigar. Explore the “evolution of an icon.” Every aficionado owes it to themselves to experience the icon that is Macanudo.
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