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With over 600 different brands of cigars, Mike’s Cigars is one of the top, largest cigar distributors, cigar samplers, and cigar accessories worldwide. We stock about 10 million cigars in our inventory daily, and we are ready to ship anywhere in the world.

Mike’s Cigars was opened in Miami Beach by a WWII veteran in 1950. Decades before cigar bars made stogies a white-collar lifestyle accessory, Mike Mersel was selling cigars to old guys in Miami Beach, when there were very few cigar shops in the country. Mike, an American hero, once sold socks in a pushcart in Manhattan’s lower East Side in New York City in the 1930’s, Mike came to South Florida in 1938 with his brother Albert nick-named “Ossie” because he got tired of winters. Mike died of natural causes on 2008 at the age of 97 but Mike’s legacy lives on, at 1030 Kane Concourse, Bay Harbor Islands, FL.