Acid Cigars



Acid Cigars were created by Drew Estate's founder Jonathan Drew. He simply wanted it to be different when creating Acid Cigars. By using botanical, herbal and oils to infuse his cigars with, he crafted one of the most unique cigars ever seen in the cigar world.
Most premium cigar brands pride themselves in building identities based on tradition—being the oldest, keeping the closest
to the tried and true methods, or having roots spanning back to Cuba, that cigar Mecca. The visionaries behind ACID Cigars at Drew Estate understood that to take part in an industry with a lineage going back centuries, tribute should be paid to tradition. However, for any industry to survive it needs innovation and a brand that dares to be different.
ACID is the difference the world of premium cigars sorely needed. Everything from the handcrafting of each cigar and the unique aromatic smoke, to the bold, rebellious imagery, transcends being a mere compromise between the worlds of tradition and innovation, and instead seamlessly welds an unrelenting drive to be different into an industry saturated with nostalgia.
The ACID movement began in 1998 with a tale of two frat brothers, Jonathan Drew and Marvin Samel, who, with a 16 square foot retail kiosk in the World Trade Center in New York and boundless determination, sought to bring about the rebirth of cigars through their then fledgling brand, Drew Estate. While Marvin worked out of their office in DUMBO, scrounging together funding, Jonathan left for Estelí, Nicaragua, to establish their first factory with only a handful of rollers.
After a year of toil and slog, in 1999, Jonathan returned to New York with an exciting new line of blends infused with secret herbs and botanicals that was unlike any other—it just needed a name and a launch that would embody the beginning of this dynamic offering. After some deliberation, the line was dubbed ACID after Scott “ACID” Chester, an emerging artist on the DUMBO scene who was as unprecedented as the new blends. His unique mix of industrial, urban, graffiti, and motorcycle art infused in his clothing inspired the look and feel of the brand, including their iconic motorcycle rider logo. From then, Drew Estate flourished, making several beloved lines including Liga and Unico, but none like ACID. ACID has developed a dedicated following of aficionados all its own not just for the unique smoking experience, but also for the unflinching conviction to be daring.
Each ACID cigar continues to be cultivated and rolled by hand at La Gran Fabrica Drew Estate in Nicaragua, the largest cigar factory in Nicaragua and one of the five largest premium cigar factories in the world. Once harvested, the tobacco is cured for months in cuartos aromaticos (aroma rooms) where they are infused with a secret mix of over 150 different herbs, oils, and botanicals. The cured leaves are then bound, pressed, and wrapped by hand, with a simple colored ring system denoting the strength of the cigar, from yellow for a milder smoke, to purple for a full-bodied stick.
Whichever profile you choose, every step of the experience is a one-of-a-kind aromatic adventure: from being greeted by the cool motorcycle rider logo standing ready to take you on a journey, the wild names like 1400cc, Blondie, Liquid, and Nasty, and of course the flavor and smell of the tasteful infusions. While the world of flavored cigars has had more than its fair share of failings, ACID stands as a cult hero, not only among flavored cigars, but also as a refreshing innovation to the cigar industry.
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