Oliva cigars began in Cuba in 1886. In the 1960's the Cuban Communist uprising forced, Oliva Cigars to leave for Nicaragua. Where they were able to grow the same Cuban seed tobacco and recreate the distinctive Cuban taste of their beloved cigars.

Melanio Oliva planted his first crop of tobacco in Pinar Del Rio, Cuba in 1886. Which unknowingly to him would be the start of a tobacco empire
that would not only save his family the tyranny of Fidel Castro but would make his name world renown by cigar smokers all across the globe.

After 10 years of successful tobacco harvests’ Melanio Oliva had to put his growing operation on a pause in 1895. When the Cuban War of Independence broke out Melanio Oliva stepped up to fight in the war. He later returned in the early 1920’s to resume doing what he truly loved, grown amazing tobacco for his cigars. Melanio Oliva was the able to pass on his families fields to his son who was able to grow on them for almost 70 years until the 1960’s

When the 1960’s rolled around the island of Cuba was being over ran by Communists. The grandson of Melanio Oliva, Gilberto Oliva felt this pressure a decided to seek a better life. He travelled around from country to country including Honduras, Panama, Mexico, and the Philippines. He eventually made it to Nicaragua where he found the fertile soil to be similar to that in Cuban. Perfect for the Cuban seed tobacco that would recreate the distinctive Cuban taste he wanted with his Cigars.

Through their hard work and determination the Oliva family has continued their passion for cigars and crafted some amazing award winning brands and highly rated cigars. They continue to own and operate the second largest factory in Nicaragua.

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