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EP Carrillo


E.P. Carrillo is a family venture for the esteemed cigar Master Blender Ernesto Perez-Carrillo. Ernesto’s children pushed him to continue to craft his passion into reality and thus EPC Cigar Company began.
The cigar business flows deep in Ernesto’s blood, his father, Ernesto Perez-Carrillo Senior, started the El Credito cigar factory in Havana, Cuba in 1948. The Cuban Revolution
brought Ernesto Sr. into discord with the Cuban government and even to jail. The family fled to Miami in 1959 and soon after El Credito cigar boutique was opened in Miami’s Little Havana neighbor in the late 60’s.
Ernesto was not always sold on his destiny to be a cigar maker. His original dream involved playing Jazz in New York. After struggling a bit in the music industry he realized he belonged in Miami with his father handcrafting cigars.
The Perez-Carrillo family hit it big in the American market after the creation of La Gloria Cubana. Cigar Aficionado loved the cigar brands coming out of the El Credito boutique and the magazine is partial to blame for the company’s quick journey to success. The family rapidly gained a huge following and immense respect among the cigar industry.
 In 1999, Ernesto sold El Credito to Swedish Match and but remained working for the brand under General Cigar Company until 2009. A year and a month after leaving Swedish Match, E.P. Carrillo launched its first cigar line. Ernesto is working with family once again, this time with his children, Ernesto III, and Lissette.
Ernesto was 6 years old when he left Cuba. The Cuban cigar industry and escaping its government overtaking left a huge imprint on Ernesto’s craft. Each cigar crafted by Ernesto meets a high standard for dedication to work, humility, patience, and respect, which he established not only for himself but for his company.
E.P. Carrillo follows the traditions of Cuba cigar-crafting and tobacco growing. These customs were taught to Ernesto by his father and he teaches it now to the new generation of Perez-Carrillo cigar makers.
These prestigious cigars, though crafted in Cuban tradition, are non-Cuban. Ernesto built his dream factory, Tabacalera La Alianza, in Santiago, Dominican Republic.
Each year new cigars are released for E.P. Carrillo. The purpose behind continuing to create innovative blends stems from the family’s commitment to achieving perfection.
The ambitious efforts do not go unnoticed. In 2015, E.P. Carrillo’s La Historia EP-III gained a 95 point score out of 100 by Cigar Aficionado.  E.P. Carrillo also proves its integrity with membership in the exclusive Pro Cigar Association of Dominican Cigar Manufacturers. They continue to earn first-rate accolades for their impressive work.
E.P. Carrillo has a beautiful story to tell with each cigar. The foundation for their success is upheld by its reputable crafter, his family and their devotion to creating acclaimed unique cigars time and time again.

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