EP Carrillo Core


EP Carrillo Core

EP CARRILLO CORE (discontinued)

Dominican Republic
Ecuador Sumatra
Dominican Republic, Nicaragua
100 % of 100
EP Carrillo Core - A Revolution in Cigar Excellence
Landmark cigars do not come too often but when they do, it happens with a bang! This Playoff season feels like our old favorite ballplayer coming out of retirement and pitching a no-hitter. The new E.P. Carrillo Core features an Ecuadorian wrapper, a spicy aroma and a mouth-filling medium to full body. There’s a clear caramelized
note from the start, with a pleasant spicy note popping up as the blend opens up. EP Carrillo Core is well-blended, well-balanced, relaxed and friendly cigar that’s easy to enjoy. Expertly constructed, it burns evenly and has a spicy and long peppery finish.
Mike's Cigars is proud to announce the rising of a new major cigar brand over our horizon. We were selected, among very few companies, to sell the new EP Carrillo Core cigars to the public. The relationship between the old El Credito Company from South 8th Street (Calle Ocho) and Mike's go far back to the sixties and seventies. 
The E.P. Carrillo cigar company is named after its founder, Ernesto-Perez Carrillo, and also refered to as EP Carrillo or EPC cigars). The company was created after Ernesto Perez Carrillo retired from his position with the General Cigar Corp just a few  years ago. Ernesto is well known as the founder of El Credito factory in the Miami cigar district aka "Calle Ocho", in Little Havana. The El Credito group became famous with the huge success of La Gloria Cubana cigars. In the 1990s, General Cigar acquired El Credito and Ernesto went to work for General Cigar as the head of La Gloria Division. Since his departure from General he joined by his son,Ernesto Perez-Carrillo Jr. and daughter, in their Miami cigar company EPC.
 EP Carrillo recently receiving an epic 91-rating from Cigar Aficionado Magazine in the April 2017 issue!
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