EP Carrillo E Stunner


EP Carrillo E Stunner

EP CARRILLO E STUNNER (discontinued)

Dominican Republic
Ecuador Sumatra
Dominican Republic
Dominican Republic, Nicaragua
When Ernesto Perez Carrillo III came up with the E Stunner cigar, he had a vision of pairing some unlikely flavors in order to create a bold new experience. Energy and flavor. Sounds like something out of an energy drink right? But you can’t necessarily smoke a Red Bull can you? You can pair a can with a stick but Mr. Carrillo wanted the experience to go further than that. He imagined a barrel that would deliver energy and flavor as you would expect from your favorite energy drink. Thus, the E Stunner was born.
According to Mr. Carrillo, the E Stunner will sport for the first time a 50/50 percent ratio of Dominican and Nicaraguan tobacco, which strays away from the customary 80/20 ratio. The E Stunners Ecuadorian Sumatra wrapper is grown higher on the plant, which gives the cigar added power; hence the word Stunner. The aroma is cereal like with hints of cocoa. The strength is medium to full-bodied for an energy kick. Coffee, hay, peppery spices and even cherry wood come through the stick as you light up. The flavors are consistent and needless to say, strong. Its aim is to give you the energy kick right from the get-go.
The E Stunner by E.P. Carrillo definitely brings to life a new direction in cigar smoking. This innovative new way paves a road that most rarely ever travel. So why don’t you take part in the revolution? Instead of waking up to a can of energy, take a different approach and try the E Stunner by E.P. Carrillo. Guaranteed to wake you and get you ready for the day ahead!
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