Big Ring Excellence Cigar Sampler

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MSRP: $644.50
MSRP: $644.50

Big Ring Excellence Cigar Sampler


Never settle for anything less than perfection with our Big Ring Excellence Cigar Sampler. These are the crown jewels, the crema of the crop, the true champions of premium tobacco. Flawless in body, construction, and above all else, taste! Only a big ring cigar of impeccable quality, with consistent critical acclaim, was allowed entry into this sampler. The kind of big ring typically reserved for the most momentous of celebrations. But we here at Mike's have always believed you can make any celebration momentous with the right cigars! Taste the best that the market has to offer with our Big Ring Excellence Cigar Sampler!

Rocky Patel Vintage 1992 The Rocky Patel Vintage 1992 cigar is known to be Rocky Patel’s favorite cigar! Known for its rich body with a spicy tone the Vintage ’92 is made up of Ligero tobacco, which is the top part of the tobacco plant known for its thick and full-bodied leaves.

Alec & Bradley Gatekeeper Gatekeeper is the second cigar line launched by Rubin’s sons. Alec & Bradley are reaffirming the knowledge they both inherited from their father and with true potential have created a premium stogie that will steal the hearts of all cigar aficionados.

Mas Igneus Mas Igneus cigars were made with complimentary flavors in mind. Bringing the expertise of old world wines into the world of premium smokes. The brainchild of Don Eradio and co-Founder Luciano Meirelles, Mas Igneus employs all their considerable talents.

Oliva Serie O Maduro Oliva Serie O Maduro is a Nicaraguan Puro. Made in the original Cuban tradition of growing the same Habano seed in diverse regions of the country to produce a distinct blend. This blend was achieved by growing Habano in the Esteli, Condega and Jalapa Valleys.

Cain by Oliva Blended by Oliva Cigar Company sales rep. Sam Leccia, the Cain series of cigars are ligero packed powerhouses! Featuring an all Nicaraguan filler blend consisting of ligero leaves from the Esteli region (25%), Condega (27%), and the Jalapa valley area (30%) Cain cigars are among the most full bodied cigars available today.

Oliva Serie O Double Toro Maduro (6 x 60)

Rocky Patel Vintage 1992 Six By Sixty Natural (6 x 60)

Cain Habano 660 (6 x 60)

Alec & Bradley Gatekeeper Gordo Natural (6 x 60)

Mas Igneus Excelente – Gordo Natural (6 x 60)

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