Ultimate Connecticut Cigar Sampler

MSRP: $469.00
MSRP: $469.00

Ultimate Connecticut Cigar Sampler


Henry Clay Toro MADURO (6 x 50)

Alec Bradley American Classic Toro NATURAL (6 x 50)

Camacho Connecticut Toro NATURAL (6 x 50)

Avo Classic Robusto NATURAL (5 x 50)

Montecristo White Vintage Connecticut Double Corona NATURAL (6 1/4 x 50)

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An American Classic, Connecticut Tobacco is just as old as the USA itself and even older. Tobacco was not discovered by the old world until Columbus came over and found the native population using tobacco for pleasure and spiritual purposes. Connecticut broad-leaf tobacco became very popular in 1700s so much so that during the Civil War it yielded up to ten million pounds of tobacco per year. The Connecticut River Valley was a leading pioneer in wrapper and binder for cigars, this region was extremely popular for this because the type of tobacco it grew. It is extremely smooth and beautiful compared to the Virginian tobacco that was better used for pipe and cigarette smoke. Connecticut has always been a leader in the cigar world by being innovative and seeking new ways to grow tobacco. In the 1900s, shade tobacco was born in Connecticut and the first shade leaf tent was erected on River Street in Windsor, Connecticut. Connecticut wrapper has always been described as fine and silky by many tobacconist from grower, to roller, to consumer - as we all agree on the quality of a Connecticut wrapper and know that a fine cigar is even finer with a Connecticut wrap. Try these amazing cigars for a taste of some of the finest and most historical tobacco in the United States.

AVO Classic Robusto (5 x 50) The Davidoff Company is distributing AVO cigars since 1995 and this fact by itself is the ultimate testimony to the quality and attention each cigar in every box receives. The cigars are delicious, full of taste but gentle and creamy in your palate from the special blend of the choicest Dominican filler and binder, to the rich and succulent Connecticut wrapper leaves, each Avo cigar is a work of art.

Camacho Connecticut Toro (6 x 50) The Camacho Connecticut is considered to be the “All around cigar” or the “Utility Cigar”. It’s like a Swiss Army knife. It comes equipped with all the tools needed to satisfy the palette from the most experienced cigar aficionado to the new kids on the block looking to get their foot in the door with a great tasting, balanced blend. It’s the one cigar that can satisfy anyone, anytime, anywhere.

Henry Clay Toro (6 x 50) When you smoke the original Henry Clay with a Connecticut Broadleaf Maduro wrapper, you will enjoy a smooth, yet fuller-bodied flavor that makes Henry Clay cigar brand is a favorite of experienced smokers. For over 150 years, this medium to full bodied smoke has been a favorite of the cigar connoiseur who enjoys a good, smooth smoke.

Alec Bradley American Classic Toro (6 x 50) The American Classic was a Tampa-style cigar of the early 20th cen¬tury that was affordably priced, smooth, sweet and complex. Now, Alec Bradley is reviving this brand. Alan Rubin rolled the cigar out in July. It is a mild- to medium-bodied cigar made by Nestor Plasencia’s Segovia factory in Estelí, Nicara¬gua with Nicara¬guan filler, Nicaraguan binder and a Connecticut-seed Honduran wrapper.

Montecristo White Vintage Connecticut Double Corona (6 1/4 x 50) Montecristo White Vintage Connecticut marries the subtle nuances of a vintage 2008, aged Connecticut Shade Wrapper to a sensual blend of hand-selected binder and fillers. Rich, flavorful and complex. For generations, Connecticut Shade Wrapper has been highly sought-after by the by the world’s finest cigar makers. The leaves are grown in the sandy loam, unique to the Connecticut River Valley, under special tenting that filters the sun and elevates humidity to ideal levels

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