The Lost Planet Cigar Sampler

MSRP: $432.50
MSRP: $432.50

The Lost Planet Cigar Sampler


Legend tells of a lost planet, where cigars grow fully formed. Mike's Cigars astronauts have landed and brought back a few for our Lost Planet Cigar Sampler! Taste some truly out of this world smokes, each packed to the brim with an exotic array of cosmically fantastic flavors. Savor tobacco unlike any you've ever experienced, selected for its consistency and grandly rewarding profiles. Taste some astronomically good cigars with The Lost Planet Cigar Sampler!

Alec Bradley Connecticut The Alec Bradley Connecticut cigar is the next generation of Connecticut Cigars. According to Alan Rubin of Alec Bradley Cigars, “the Connecticut Cigar is designed to exhibit true flavor, creaminess and a truly satisfying smoke.”

Avo Classic The backbone of the revered Avo Uvezian line of cigars is the Avo Classic Line of Cigars. A beautifully composed creation of two cigar legends, Avo Uvezian and Master Blender Hendrik Kelner, the cigar offers an unforgettable experience of balance, enjoyment and refined taste. This blend is created using rare premium tobaccos that have been aged for 25 years.

Nub Cigars Nub cigars somehow manage to distill all the splendor of a great smoke into a single small package that packs some truly big flavors. Nub started as the vision of one tobacco pioneer by the name of Sam Leccia. Leccia was already a sales representative for Oliva when he had the idea to enhance the cigar smoking experience by prolonging the part he liked best.

La Gloria Cubana La Gloria started as a little store-front factory in South 8th St. downtown Miami. Ernesto Perez-Carrillo, Cuban Senator and tobacco grower, fled Cuba in 1959, taking with him the secret of La Gloria Cubana cigars. He began making them in the heart of Little Havana in 1968, where their bold taste made them a local favorite.

Punch Pita Punch is regarded as one of the finest premium cigar brands to ever exist. As the name would suggest, Punch has a strong place in the cigar market and has stood the test of time. The Punch brand is the second oldest cigar brand in the world and proved itself as a favorite of aficionados generation after generation.

La Gloria Wavell Natural (5 x 50)

Nub Connecticut 460 Natural (4 x 60)

Punch Pita EMS (6 x 50)

Alec Bradley Connecticut Robusto Natural (5 x 50)

Avo Classic Robusto Natural (5 x 50)

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