Prince Philips Last Smoke Cigar Sampler

MSRP: $561.80
MSRP: $561.80

Prince Philips Last Smoke Cigar Sampler


As we mourn the loss of a respected member of Britain's Royal Family, we take the time to honor his legacy with Prince Philips Last Smoke Cigar Sampler. A man of integrity and fortitude, Prince Philip lived long enough to see the Nazi's defeated, a man walk on the moon, and the Iron Curtain fall. A life that long and memorable deserves to be honored by some long and memorable stogies. What better way to honor a man who actually met and knew Winston Churchill than with some premium Churchill cigars? Light up each one, and take a moment to say rest in peace to a U.K legend.

AVO Classic The Davidoff Company is distributing AVO cigars since 1995 and this fact by itself is the ultimate testimony to the quality and attention each cigar in every box receives. The cigars are delicious, full of taste but gentle and creamy in your palate from the special blend of the choicest Dominican filler and binder, to the rich and succulent Connecticut wrapper leaves, each Avo cigar is a work of art.

Alec Bradley Connecticut Alec Bradley Connecticut cigar, the next generation of Connecticut, which according to Alan Rubin of Alec Bradley Cigars, is a Connecticut that has flavor, creaminess and truly satisfying. If you smoke this cigar you would not believe this is a Connecticut cigar, it possesses so much flavor. The Alec Bradley Connecticut cigar is a blend of Nicaraguan and Honduran filler that is complemented by a silky Ecuadorian wrapper. The unique Ecuadorian Connecticut Shade sports full flavors, with notes of sweet nuts, and a bit of a woody finish.

Camacho Connecticut The Camacho Connecticut is considered to be the “All around cigar” or the “Utility Cigar”. It’s like a Swiss Army knife. It comes equipped with all the tools needed to satisfy the palette from the most experienced cigar aficionado to the new kids on the block looking to get their foot in the door with a great tasting, balanced blend. It’s the one cigar that can satisfy anyone, anytime, anywhere.

Macanudo While still achieving the rich status of a Maduro flavor, the Macanudo Maduro is still a mellow smoke. With a Connecticut broadleaf wrapper and Cuban Seed Dominican fillers, this Macanudo is a medium-bodied powerful smoke.

Romeo Y Julieta 1875 Romeo y Julieta 1875 Churchill. Romeo y Julieta 1875 is the modern reincarnation of one of the most famous Cuban cigars. Originally established in 1875 by Inocencio Alvarez and Mannin Garcia, Romeo y Julieta 1875 is one of the original Cuban cigar lines. Jose "Pepin" Rodriguez Fernandez, who was the former head of the Cabañas factory in Havana, and his firm Rodríguez, Argüelles y Cia bought Romeo y Julieta in 1903. Romeo y Julieta 1875 cigars are now made in the Dominican Republic by Altadis.

Macanudo Prince Philip Cafe (7 1/2 x 49)

Romeo Y Julieta 1875 Churchill Natural (7 x 50)

Alec Bradley Connecticut Churchill Natural (7 x 50)

Camacho Connecticut Churchill Natural (7 x 48)

Avo Classic Robusto Natural (5 x 50)

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