Happy Haunting Cigar Sampler

MSRP: $539.00
MSRP: $539.00

Happy Haunting Cigar Sampler


When the crypt doors creak, and the tombstones quake, ghosts come out for a singing wake, grim grinning ghosts vocalize, and our Happy Haunting Cigar Sampler begins to materialize! Perfect for the spookiest night of the year, it's a selection of scary good stogies perfect to ring in All Hallow's Eve! Whether you're attending a raucous party for the occasion, staying in and watching your favorite selection of horror films, or just sitting back and savoring a smoke, the Happy Haunting Cigar Sampler is the perfect addition.

Rocky Patel Sun Grown Maduro Rocky Patel Sun Grown Maduro defiantly another hit by the brand is crafted and hand made in the boutique factory in Esteli, Nicaragua, finished off with a triple cap and then finished off with a gorgeous broadleaf. Sun Grown tobacco used in the blend has created a full flavor and strength profile in the cigar and with exceptional complexity as well.

Camacho Nicaragua The Camacho Nicaragua is built with uncompromising craftsmanship that harnesses the wild flavors of Nicaragua. Some things just can’t be tamed! They’re made with the volume knob cranked all the way UP! The pedal grinding against steel. That is is the full-frontal flavor of Camacho Nicaragua!

Romeo y Julieta Eternal Romeo Y Julieta Eternal cigars are a promise to aficionados: one hundred and forty-five years is just the start, they'll provide great smokes forever. Since its start over a century ago, Romeo Y Julieta has always strived to provide top quality to its smokers, and that's why the Eternal is its love letter to loyal aficionados.

Oliva Serie O Grown and produced under the same demanding standards the Oliva Serie O product line is just as good. But The “O” is made under a different strategy, namely the good old Cuban way of making “puro” (pure) cigars, that is, using a tobacco mix from the same country.

La Gloria Cubana Serie R Black Maduro If the Serie R Black wasn’t bold enough for you, La Gloria has upped the ante again with the La Gloria Cubana Serie R Black Maduro. Dark and mysterious, the La Gloria Black Maduro features an oily, rich Nicaraguan Maduro wrapper that is dark and inviting.

Oliva Serie O Churchill Natural (7 x 50)

Rocky Patel Sun Grown Maduro Robusto Maduro (5 x 50)

Camacho Nicaragua Robusto Natural (5 x 52)

La Gloria Cubana Serie R Black Maduro No 56 - Churchill (7 x 56)

Romeo y Julieta Eternal Toro Natural (6 x 54)

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