Freedom and Liberty Cigar Sampler

MSRP: $540.00
MSRP: $540.00

Freedom and Liberty Cigar Sampler


When Thomas Jefferson penned that famous document, two words stood out. Freedom and Liberty. To enshrine those ideas as the basis for a nation was a wholly new concept, and men would have to fight to protect it. In honor of those brave souls, we crafted our Freedom and Liberty Cigar Sampler. Take a draw, and think about how much we take for granted because of those brave souls who fought for us. Well always be proud to offer our Freedom and Liberty Cigar Sampler!

La Aurora Preferidos With over a hundred years of cigar-making experience under its belt, La Aurora has reached its pinnacle with the Preferidos line. Featuring a collection of specially aged wrappers to offer a unique profile for every cigar, distinguished aficionados will find rewarding flavor profiles with subtle nuances in each draw. To achieve its specialized taste, La Aurora Preferidos ages its tobacco in aromatic oak barrels to add the slightest hint of a strong drink to naturally compliment its profile. Every Preferidos is a torpedo vitola to commemorate the very first cigars the company handmade over a century ago. La Aurora Preferidos epitomize expertise and luxury in premium cigars.

Macanudo Café Macanudo Café cigars have been amusing well-heeled cigar aficionado for over five decades, they have also become a notably intriguing and pleasant choice for the “new smoker” generation. The mild mannered Macanudo Café cigar is a wonderful way to welcome novice smokers to the Macanudo family. These exquisite wrappers are combined with a Mexican binder and a Dominican-Mexican filler blend to produce a mild body, while flavorful cigar that can be enjoyed by everyone. The Macanudo Café Hyde Park is yet another fantastic size in the Cafe line. This corona gorda is covered in a golden brown wrapper and uses the classic Macanudo filler blend. Slightly more to the mild-medium than others, the cigar is sweet and tasty.

Punch Clasico Punch is regarded as one of the finest premium cigar brands to ever exist. As the name would suggest, Punch has a strong place in the cigar market and has stood the test of time. The Punch brand is the second oldest cigar brand in the world and proved itself as a favorite of aficionados generation after generation. Aficionado’s love Punch because, much like a physical punch, there is a lot of boldness and strength with each cigar. According to Mr. Punch, if you love football, fishing, and grilling you are like him and you would love a Punch cigar too.

Montecristo White Known for its rich body with a spicy tone the Vintage ’92 is made up of Ligero tobacco, which is the top part of the tobacco plant known for its thick and full-bodied leaves. Aged for eight to nine years, the Vintage 1992 Cigar is incredibly smooth, clean and elegant exhibiting some well-balanced character and flavor. Rocky’s expertise in blending tobaccos from various regions requires a greater level of skill and knowledge, not found in other cigars. The result is an intense marriage of flavors that produces a great tasting cigar. Rocky’s process is very time-consuming, going through hundreds of blends before he settles on the perfect blend..

Ferio Tego Metropolitan Connecticut While they were formerly under the Nat Sherman brand, Ferio Tego has resurrected the blend in all its glory. These premium cigars are favorites across the country, and it’s clear why from the first draw. With this line of stogies, Ferio Tego pays homage to the magnificent home where it all started. Ferio Tego Metropolitan Connecticut is handmade in the Dominican Republic, utilizing a classical assortment of well-aged Dominican binders and fillers to give a distinctively smooth profile. The whole experience is highlighted by its silky Connecticut shade wrapper that produces a mild yet immensely flavorful smoke tinged with a nice creamy finish.

Macanudo Hyde Park Cafe (5 1/2 x 49)

Montecristo White Rothchilde Natural (5 x 52)

Punch Pita EMS (6 x 50)

Ferio Tego Metropolitan Connecticut Union – Robusto Natural (4 1/2 x 50)

La Aurora Preferidos Sapphire Connecticut Robusto Natural (5 x 50)

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