Flag Day Cigar Sampler

MSRP: $336.50
MSRP: $336.50

Flag Day Cigar Sampler


H Upmann Vintage Cameroon Toro NATURAL (6 x 54)

Alec Bradley American Classic Toro NATURAL (6 x 50)

La Estrella Cubana Connecticut Toro NATURAL (6 x 50)

Cohiba Blue 5 1/2 x 50 - Robusto NATURAL (5 1/2 x 50)

La Galera Connecticut El Lector - Toro NATURAL (6 x 54)

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What is Flag Day all about? Flag Day is meant to celebrate our beautiful star-spangled banner that flies over this amazing country! We must remember all of those who have fought for us! We honor those who are currently fighting for our freedom and those who started our march to freedom as they fought for independence against tyranny and tyrant rulers! We hold in our hearts all of those who fight terror and celebrate their efforts by keeping our flags flying high! While you enjoy smoking one of these fine cigars in the Flag Day cigar sampler, take a moment to pay respect to those who fight and have fought for you to enjoy such freedoms! Celebrate our independence, growth as a nation and the incredible savings you'll get with our sampler! Fly that gorgeous flag and light a cigar!

Alec Bradley American Classic Toro (6 x 50) The American Classic was a Tampa-style cigar of the early 20th cen¬tury that was affordably priced, smooth, sweet and complex. Now, Alec Bradley is reviving this brand. Alan Rubin rolled the cigar out in July. It is a mild- to medium-bodied cigar made by Nestor Plasencia’s Segovia factory in Estelí, Nicara¬gua with Nicara¬guan filler, Nicaraguan binder and a Connecticut-seed Honduran wrapper.

La Galera Connecticut El Lector (6 x 54) Mild to medium bodied, the Connecticut gets its name from the Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper that holds the Dominican T-112, Piloto Cubano, and Criollo tobaccos. The blend of tobaccos produces a sweet and creamy smoke, with notes of Cedar and Citrus, that has a hint of pepper on the back of the palette.

H. Upmann Vintage Cameroon Toro (6 x 54) We are proud to bring you this wonderful cigar at a “dirt cheap” price. Rolled with specially aged tobacco, Nicaraguan Corojo and mixed fillers, this flavorful stogie is the forerunner of the Acid brand, introduced 10 years ago and respected by cigar aficionados all over the world. At this price it is a crime to take ‘em out of the box for a sampling offer, you’d rather receive the original, with its colorful packaging, sealed with all the moisture only the original factory boxing facility could provide.

La Estrella Cubana Connecticut Toro (6 x 50) La Estrella Connecticut is a Honduran Connecticut blend that delivers a spicy and complex flavor. The blend of Nicaraguan fillers and binder, creates a smooth yet spicy taste of the palate. These cigars are perfect for anytime and it may not be the next cigar of the year but it certainly a top choice for a box that gives tremendous cigars with tremendous value!

Cohiba blue Robusto (5 ½ x 50) Cohiba Blue Robusto cigars start with a base of Jamastran tobaccos harvested from the Mystical region of Ometepe where the tobacco comes from the hillside of the island formed by two volcanoes rising from lake Nicaragua. This type of tobacco offers a sweetness that overplays the experience of the third tobacco filler which is Piloto Cubano. The taste of the Cohiba blue is sweet with a creamy cinnamon after taste.

Alec Bradley American Classic Toro 6 x 50
La Galera Connecticut El Lector 6 x 54
H. Upmann Vintage Cameroon Toro 6 x 54
La Estrella Cubana Connecticut Toro 6 x 50
Cohiba Blue Robusto 5 ½ x 50

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