Churchills Grandslam Cigar Sampler

MSRP: $584.00
MSRP: $584.00

Churchills Grandslam Cigar Sampler


Game, set, match, for our Churchills Grandslam Cigar Sampler! When a player manages to win all four major championships in a single year, they take the Grand Slam title. We have not just four championship cigars here, but five all star, top of their game sticks that are ready to serve a powerful blast of flavor. Each one is an exceptional, premium grade smoke that will have you aloft with its medley of eclectic tastes. Enjoy the best in the field with our Churchills Grtandslam Cigar Sampler!

Avo Classic The backbone of the revered Avo Uvezian line of cigars is the Avo Classic Line of Cigars. A beautifully composed creation of two cigar legends, Avo Uvezian and Master Blender Hendrik Kelner, the cigar offers an unforgettable experience of balance, enjoyment and refined taste. This blend is created using rare premium tobaccos that have been aged for 25 years.

Romeo Y Julieta 1875 The Romeo Y Julieta 1875 cigar brand is named after the popular novel written by Shakespeare. It was a popular choice by the rollers in the cigar factories to be read to them while they rolled cigars. The brand was founded in Cuba in 1875 by Inocencio Alvarez and Mannin Garcia.

Alec Bradley Connecticut The Alec Bradley Connecticut cigar is the next generation of Connecticut Cigars. According to Alan Rubin of Alec Bradley Cigars, “the Connecticut Cigar is designed to exhibit true flavor, creaminess and a truly satisfying smoke.” The depth of this smoke belies its Connecticut origin, because it simply possesses so much complexity and flavor.

Macanudo Macanudo Café cigars have been amusing well-heeled cigar aficionado for over five decades, they have also become a notably intriguing and pleasant choice for the “new smoker” generation. The mild mannered Macanudo Café cigar is a wonderful way to welcome novice smokers to the Macanudo family.

Oliva Master Blends 3 Oliva Master Blends 3 is the third offering in a series of limited artisanal blends. Liga Maestra is specifically blended to deliver the richest characteristics of Nicaraguan ligero fillers and Broadleaf sun-grown wrappers. This is the third time that the Oliva family is able to harvest extraordinary tobacco crops, allowing the production of a very special issue of cigars which do not come every year.

Macanudo Prince Philip Cafe (7 1/2 x 49)

Oliva Master Blends 3 Churchill Natural (7 x 50)

Romeo Y Julieta 1875 Churchill Natural (7 x 50)

Alec Bradley Connecticut Churchill Natural (7 x 50)

Avo Classic #3 - Churchill Natural (7 1/2 x 50)

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