Big Ring Feast Cigar Sampler 2.0

MSRP: $516.00
MSRP: $516.00

Big Ring Feast Cigar Sampler 2.0


It's a festive time of the year. Thanksgiving is right around the corner, and the avalanche of holidays that follow. As we prepare for the banquet of food that Thanksgiving brings, why not enjoy a banquet of premium tobacco along with it in our Big Ring Feast Cigar Sampler. Considering the number of flavors on display, nothing but the word feast would suffice for this sampler. So after you're finished with the turkey and mash potatoes, light up one of these prime big rings, sit back, and enjoy the holiday!

AVO Classic The Davidoff Company is distributing AVO cigars since 1995 and this fact by itself is the ultimate testimony to the quality and attention each cigar in every box receives. The cigars are delicious, full of taste but gentle and creamy in your palate from the special blend of the choicest Dominican filler and binder, to the rich and succulent Connecticut wrapper leaves, each Avo cigar is a work of art.

Alec Bradley Kintsugi The Alec & Bradley Kintsugi toro is a magnificent specimen of tobacco artistry. A fusion of western experience and eastern insight unheard of till now. The outcome is a cigar born of the old world and new world with lavish flavors of coffee and cinnamon to please the palate. At six inches and a fifty two ring gauge, you’ll be granted an unforgettable forty five minute smoke.

Alec Bradley American Classic The American Classic was a Tampa-style cigar of the early 20th cen­tury that was affordably priced, smooth, sweet and complex. Now, Alec Bradley is reviving this brand. Alan Rubin rolled the cigar out in July. It is a mild- to medium-bodied cigar made by Nestor Plasencia’s Segovia factory in Estelí, Nicara­gua with Nicara­guan filler, Nicaraguan binder and a Connecticut-seed Honduran wrapper.

Cain Daytona The Oliva family made a great choice in releasing this new blend of the Cain. It's not as strong, but just as flavorful. You can smoke this one on an empty stomach. That's a big plus for cigars known for their strength. The secret in the Cain Daytona is the Cuban-seed, long leaf ligeros from Jalapa valley. They are silky smooth, yet, full of flavor, with excellent balance.

Rocky Patel Vintage 1999 Any cigar aficionado will tell you that when Rocky blends a cigar, it tends to lean towards the sophisticated palate. It's really not for the novice. His blends are rather complex, like a great Cabernet wine, he reaches for a combination of balance and complexity. Rocky says that when blending tobaccos from various regions, it takes greater skill and knowledge but the end result is the symmetry and marrying of all these flavors to produce a really great tasting cigar.

Rocky Patel Vintage 1999 Six By Sixty Natural (6 x 60)

Cain Daytona 660 Natural (6 x 60)

Alec Bradley American Classic Gordo Natural (6 x 60)

Avo Classic #6 Natural (6 x 60)

Alec & Bradley Kintsugi Gordo Natural (6 x 60)

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