2 Macanudo Cigar Sampler

MSRP: $478.50
MSRP: $478.50

2 Macanudo Cigar Sampler

La Gloria Wavell NATURAL (5 x 50)
Macanudo Hyde Park CAFE (5 1/2 x 49)
Montecristo White Rothchilde NATURAL (5 x 52)
Romeo Y Julieta 1875 Bully NATURAL (5 x 50)
Macanudo Vintage 1988 V - robusto NATURAL (5 x 49)

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Nothing becomes a legend overnight. It takes days and weeks, countless nights and numerous hours of hard work and dedication to become memorable for the right reasons. This couldn't be truer when it comes to cigars! The right blend doesn't always come together on the first try. The tobacco must be aged properly and for a significant amount of time to develop the right flavors. A well-rolled cigar doesn't happen by accident, it's years of experience in the hands of seasoned torcedors. All these factors, as well as others, have to come together just right for a cigar to earn legendary status. We hand selected some of our favorites and put them in the Legend cigar sampler. The best part, you'll get unforgettable savings on these stellar cigars!

Macanudo Hyde Park (5 ½ x 49) Mike’s Cigars is proud to offer the Macanudo Cafe Count David cigar. This toro sized cigar is longer than the Macanudo Hyde Park and delivers the same creamy, smooth Macanudo smoking experience. These great cigars are perfect for both men and women because of the smooth and robust taste. Also, most importantly they are best known for their consistency. Macanudo was the first cigar to capitulate on the American consumer tendency towards mellow flavors and consistent quality. The only difference is the savings for you!

Romeo y Julieta 1875 Bully (5 x 50) The Romeo y Julieta Bully cigar is blended with the finest Dominican filler tobacco and has an Indonesian wrapper. It has the flavors of aged cedar, nuts, and spice, this classic cigar is smooth and well balanced.

Macanudo Vintage 1988 Robusto (5 x 49) brings a whole other level to the bestselling premium cigar brand in the US. From the days before the cigar boom General cigar company kept away some of its very best tobacco because the quality did not match the quantity. Hiding away from over 30 years these babies come back from the past with even better flavor and mildly smooth strength creating a luxurious and buttery cloud of smoke on your palate taking you back to the time before the boom and beyond.

La Gloria Cubana Wavell (5 x 50) La Gloria Cubana utilizes an Ecuadorian grown Colorado shade wrapper, or Connecticut Broadleaf maduro, concealing an extensively aged blend of Mexican, Dominican, Brazilian, and Nicaraguan filler leaves. The La Gloria Wavell is the number 1 seller in the entire La Gloria Cubana line of cigars.

Montecristo White Rothchilde (5 x 52) With outstanding construction and a golden blond Ecuadorian Connecticut-seed shade wrapper, the Montecristo White Rothchilde is a fantastic smoke. The larger ring size packs more of the famous Montecristo White blend with aromas of wood and nuts.

Macanudo Hyde Park 5 ½ x 49
Romeo y Julieta 1875 Bully 5 x 50
Macanudo Vintage 1988 Robusto 5 x 49
La Gloria Cubana Wavell 5 x 50
Montecristo White Rothchilde 5 x 52

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