Cornucopia Big Ring Cigar Sampler

MSRP: $623.00
MSRP: $623.00

Cornucopia Big Ring Cigar Sampler


It's that time of the year when we can finally indulge a little, whether it's with turkey and mashed potatoes or premium tobacco, we're finally allowed to live a little. In that spirit, we created our Cornucopia Big Ring Cigar Sampler! These are the massive smokes that cigar lovers dream about, each of them stuffed to the breaking point with high-caliber flavors. Each one is a full-on feast for the senses that will leave smokers completely spellbound. There's no better way to celebrate the holidays than with our Cornucopia Big Ring Cigar Sampler!

Gurkha Beast These cigars are small batch handmade babies that utilizes a blend of Dominican, Honduran, and Colombian long-fillers. Creating a spectrum of flavours like cocoa and cedar leaving a smooth and slightly sweet finish on the palate! This medium body cigar is truly a beast and one of the best to enjoy!

Chillin Moose Too Foundry Cigars set the world on fire with their unique line of finely crafted cigars. Their blend of aged tobacco premium cigars take you on a journey into the unknown with tastes and flavors never experienced before. Foundry set the world on fire with the launch of their mild-medium gem the Chillin' Moose, and their follow up in a real treasure. The subtly stronger Chillin’ Moose Too series introduced the moose to Maduro cigar lovers of the world. A gorgeously dark and oily Connecticut Broadleaf holds a premium blend of aged Nicaraguan tobacco which bring you a full-bodied smoke filled with rich sweet spice, cocoa, pepper, and vanilla flavors.

H Upmann Miami DecoH Upmann Miami Deco cigars are a rich experience of classical tastes that hearken back to a simpler time in the world of premium tobacco. Inspired by the savory, Cuban-style smokes Mike Mersel was known to enjoy on the sunny shores of Miami Beach. Built using a radiant crop of luscious Nicaraguan tobacco, and rolled into sublime Habano wrapper. Lighting it brings a plethora of classic tobacco tastes, with a surge of peaty earth on every draw.

Alec Bradley Black Market EsteliThe Beatles wrote “Take a good song and make it better”, but then again they also wrote kukukachoo… Thankfully, Alec Bradley chose to pay attention to the first line, and took a good cigar line and made it better. Say hello to the Alec Bradley Black Market Esteli, a more robust and fine tuned version of the ever popular Black Marker Cigar line. Esteli has become the modern Mecca of cigars, with the rising popularity of Nicaraguan tobaccos driving an increasing number of tobacconists to visit the region for its nutrient-rich volcanic soil. While it may share a name and inspiration with the original Black Market cigar line, the Black Market Esteli offers an experience that is very different than the original, with more power and richer flavors that its predecessor.

Camacho Triple Maduro The Camacho Triple Maduro is truly one of the worlds greatest. Its innovation distinguishes between leaders and followers. At Mike’s Cigars we strive to bring you innovation through collaboration. Now with the Camacho Triple Maduro from Davidoff, the world’s only all-Maduro cigar, we bring innovation to your smoking den. The triangle shaped Camacho Triple Maduro is like no other cigar out. Delivering full unique flavors, the Triple Maduro brings the passion that you’d expect from a Camacho cigar to life. There’s a reason why it’s a one of a kind cigar, it takes a tremendous amount of patience and an immeasurable amount of skill to construct these Camacho Triple Maduros from scratch.

Camacho Triple Maduro 60x6 Maduro (6 x 60)

Chillin Moose Too Gigante Maduro (6 x 60)

Alec Bradley Black Market Esteli Gordo Natural (6 x 60)

Gurkha Beast Gordo MADURO (6 x 60)

H Upmann Miami Deco Magnum Natural (6 x 60)

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