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Omar Ortez


Omar Ortez Cigars are the namesake of a quiet force behind Nicaraguan tobacco. Omar Ortez has worn many hats in the cigar industry. It seems that everything he involved in gets better and better.
Ortez is a private man and he has kept his backstory to himself. However, the impeccable work Ortez has done in the industry is enough to cement him as a legendary tobacconist.
The Ortez family
grows tobacco in the region north of Estelí, Nicaragua which is known as Condega. This region is primarily responsible for growing exquisite filler tobacco for several Nicaraguan blends.
The fertile soil and tempered climate are remarked because the tobacco it produces is similar in richness to Cuban tobacco. After the Cuban Embargo in the early 1960’s several cigar makers found safe haven in Estelí. Tobacco has become the largest industry component of the city’s economy.
Around 1980, the Sandinista Revolution heavily impacted the production of tobacco in Nicaragua. In defiance of American occupation and the Nicaraguan government the Sandinista leaders ordered a general strike throughout the nation. Eventually the Sandinista regime took over the country and subsequently the production of tobacco.
Ortez was appointed to manage several government farms in Estelí and Jalapa during the Sandinistas’ regime. Ortez explained that due to the new regime “the tobacco industry practically suffered a great reduction.” Virtually no wrapper leaf was grown in the region after the Sandinista rule.
The Ortez fields survived the revolution. Ortez’ experience landed him two concurring jobs at two different factories, which are the J.C. Newman’s Puros de Esteli Nicaragua (PENSA) factory and the Nicaraguan American Cigars S.A. (NACSA) factory, which is owned by multiple corporations.
A lot of responsibilities lie on the shoulders of Ortez. However, he still finds time to roll his own blends and cigars. Omar has lines with Don Diego and developed the Warlock brand with Altadis USA, which is one of the first cigars to be rolled in Condega after the Sandinista Revolution.
The Omar Ortez cigar brand lines are exclusively Nicaraguan puros made with quality long filler tobacco. The cigars are handcrafted by the rollers of Agrotabacos, the Ortez family business. The Omar Ortez cigars are distributed by Altadis which has given the cigar a national platform.
Ortez’ work has been highly praised and given 90+ ratings. The Omar Ortez cigar has been rated 90 by Cigar Aficionado.
Omar Ortez believes “Good cigars sell and great cigars become the best-selling cigars.” There is a lot of good sense in that statement and it’s no wonder why Omar Ortez cigars fly off our shelves. Mike’s Cigars can get you a great deal for them, check them out today!
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