Nub Cigars



What does one expect from a Nub? Nub is the brand that figured out how to hit the sweet spot of a cigar faster and stay there longer. The brain behind this innovation belongs to Sam Leccia. As a passionate aficionado, Sam’s purpose in creating Nub was to find a way to enhance the smoking experience by prolonging the most pleasurable part. Sam had the idea when he started experimenting with different rolling techniques in his garage. He brought the cigar he had rolled to Oliva Cigar, where he worked as a sales representative, and shared his idea with them. At first, the Olivas were hesitant about the cigar because it could be seen as a gimmick and not be taken as seriously as they intended. The brand was launched in 2008 and alongside it several giveaways to promote the new cigar, including a year's worth of cigars and a 2008 BMW Mini Cooper Convertible. It was felt that the car represented the brand because, like the cigar, it was short and large compared to its counterparts but stylish. Nub cigars have the same amount of tobacco as most Churchills and their smoking sessions last about the same amount of time. Nub features rich Nicaraguan filler tobacco in their cigars and have been infused with decadent coffee flavors. The production of Nub is now under Studio Tobac, a branch of Oliva Cigars partnered with Ernesto Padilla. Padilla is a talented Cuban who  also produces premium cigars for his own Miami-based boutique brand. After its launch, Nub invigorated the cigar industry and gained an immense following. Jose Oliva, the chief executive officer of Oliva Cigars, confirmed there are no longer any doubts about the brand “There's sincerity in it. The proof is in the imitations.” Since its release, other brands have created similar models to achieve the heightened smoke experience a Nub provides. It's now wonder, as Nub has earned various accolades from several cigar publications including 90+ ratings from Cigar Aficionado and the “2008 Best Buy” award from Cigar Insider.. Don’t snub a Nub because it is a new concept, fall into its indulgence!
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