La Aurora Principes


La Aurora Principes

LA AURORA PRINCIPES (discontinued)

Dominican Republic
Dominican Republic
Dominican Republic
Mild to Medium
The Principes Long Filler are developed by one of the oldest factory in the Dominican Republic which has been established since 1903 with a great tradition of cigar making. Not to be confused with the machine-made cousin, the Principes Natural, these cigars are handcrafted using all long-filler tobaccos, and features either a Connecticut or Brazilian maduro wrapper.
Popular among the
locals in Dominican Republic, they're made from the trimmings of the La Aurora cigar. It releases a nice aroma of nutty, cedar, creamy, earthy, smooth and mild. The cigars burn smooth and clean while still surprisingly flavorful nuances. If you’re looking for an everyday cigar that is smooth and with an affordable price, this cigar is most likely much better than other cigars that claim to be a bargain, in this case, this is right up your ally.
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