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Factory Smokes


Factory Smokes Cigars were made as a gift to all smokers. A bundle of luxurious, premium grade tobacco at prices that any smoker could afford. Bundles have long had a reputation in the cigar world as bottom-barrel options for the cash strapped smokers.

The inventive minds at Drew Estates saw this opportunity and set their best tobacconists on creating the blend. Known for their success
with the renowned Liga Privada and Undercrown the blenders went above and beyond. The result was an entire series of luxurious, high caliber smokes that would meet the standard of the most sophisticated palate.

Drew Estates has long been an innovator in the cigar industry. Always searching for exciting new flavors and methods. Factory Smokes is proof of their continuing commitment to providing top shelf tobacco while selling cigars everyone can afford.

Not content to make just one line of superior cigar bundles, Factory Smokes delivers multiple unique and satisfying blends. Available in Maduro wrappers, Sungrown, Sweet, and Connecticut Shade premium cigars.

The Maduro Factory Smokes are a complete powerhouse. Draping its Indonesian tobacco in a rich, oily, and dark Nicaraguan wrapper. Sparking up any of its full bodied sticks delivers the meaty taste of pepper, espresso, and dark chocolate.

On the flip side, anyone who wants a smooth and mild smoke should pick up the Factory Smokes Connecticut. Built from the brand's signature ripe Indonesian filler. This selection uses a crisp and soothing Nicaraguan Connecticut shade wrapper. All of these come together to provide the relaxing flavors of cedar, vanilla, pepper, and fresh cream.

For those who want a more specialized experience, they'll find it in the Sungrown Factory Smokes. Made with the same famous fillers but encased with sun kissed Nicaraguan wrapper to bring out the hidden flavors. These include the hearty taste of baking spices mixed with a natural sweetness throughout.

If you're interested in all these, then you need to check out the Factory Smokes Sweet. Perfectly balanced in every way. Featuring a medium profile with just the right amount of power in its profile. All with the delightful sweetness that comes from its sweet tipped Nicaraguan Habano wrapper.

These are perfect cigars for any large get together of smokers. They're also ideal sticks for anyone who wants to stock up their humidor with choice stogies. All in all, Drew Estates has made a brand for every type of smoker.
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