Ashton Brand Cigars



Ashton Cigars are a luxury cigar brand, known for their handcrafted premium cigars. The brand prides themselves on their commitment to quality. Ashton promises to deliver the highest-caliber smoke with the use of finely aged tobacco.
Ashton was spearheaded by Robert Levin in 1985. Robert has been around cigars his whole life. As a young child, his father gained ownership of Holt’s Cigar
Company and despite some hesitancy Robert ended up working with his father after college in 1972. Robert was able to expand the young brand relying mostly on Holt’s income because Ashton started at a time of relatively low demand so growth was slow, account by account.
Originally, Ashton was made by Tabacos Domincos under Henke Kelner in the Dominican Republic. After a couple years, communication between Kelner and Robert was rocky and Robert wanted change for the brand. In 1989, Robert began working with a long-time friend, Carlos “Carlito” Fuente Jr., and they reinvented Ashton by creating a new blend, which became Ashton Aged Maduro.
After the relaunch Ashton grew steadily until ’92. A combination of being featured in Cigar Aficionado and the industry boom in the 90’s caused rampant growth for the brand. In 1992 the Fuentes were added on as partners and in 1994 Ashton became a million unit brand.
The cigar lines within Ashton range from mild to full-bodied. Ashton still produces in the Dominican Republic, at the Tabacalera A. Fuente Factory, using the finest tobacco leaves available, and covering their beautiful blends in Connecticut Shade wrappers.
This diligence to maintain high standards continues to earn them various accolades. Cigar Aficionado has ranked them in the “Top 25” Cigar of the year various times. The brand is also renowned for being one of the “Top 5” cigar brands in the United States market.
The brand is a privately owned family operated enterprise, headquartered in the city of brotherly love, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The brand has become a generational affair, Robert’s son, Sathya Levin, joined the company in 2004 and is now Executive Vice President and the Chief Operations Officer.
At the heel of the International Premium Cigar and Pipe Retailers association, formally known as the Retail Tobacco Dealers of America, Ashton hosts a prestigious dinner. The dinner is meant to thank the retailers who work with the brand and features the treasured sales team as emcees.  
Ashton’s perseverance to meet excellence has brought them great respect among the cigar industry. Robert Levin sits as a Chairman on the Cigar Rights of America Board of Directors as a result of the legacy he has built.
In 2003, Ashton Cigar Bar brought back lounge smoking to Philly, it had previously been outlawed. The cigar bar is a described as a celebration of the brand and offers a decadent array of cigars, whiskey, and spirit. The lounge has an air purification system that was custom-engineered to provide a perfect environment to accommodate the luxury of a great smoke.
Ashton has become a forerunner in first-rate cigars. Their motto asks you to “Trust Your Taste”. Their dedication to providing the experience along with the product is evident in the notary they have gained for themselves.
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