Ashton Brand Cigars



Ashton Cigars are the definitive Dominican puro. Building a reputation for unparalleled luxury in both flavor and aroma that has endured for decades. Ashton cigars are one of the best cigars made by the Arturo Fuente factory in the Dominican Republic.

Sometimes referred to as Ashton Classic cigars, the blend has remained consistently amazing. Anyone looking to buy cigars online has
come across the brand. They consistently rank in the top three for the United States!

Ashton cigar is a medium bodied cigar with nuances of peppery spice. The blend is made of 3 to 4-year-old Dominican tobacco. Ten lovingly rolled into its rich golden Connecticut shade wrapper. All of it comes together to create an extremely well blended rich taste.

The draw of this Ashton cigar from beginning to end is never disappointing. Ashton cigar is truly a smoke for any time and anywhere and, like an old friend, never lets you down. The brand itself encompasses the favorites of cigar smokers everywhere. Including Ashton Cabinet Selection, Ashton Aged Maduro, and Ashton Estate Sun Grown.

Since the Ashton cigar brand was created in the early 1980s it has become the favorite of true cigar connoisseurs. Created by Robert "Robbie" Levin, the second generation cigar seller from Philadelphia. The company soon partnered with Arturo Fuente to produce their sticks. The combination of talents was an instant success.

A family operation, Ashton is now run by a father son duo. Robert Levin and Sathya Levin continue to churn out incredible sticks. All of them were inspired by that vintage Cuban flavor that Levin smoked in his youth.

Early on the Ashton cigar became the epitome of a mild-but-complex smoke. Often chock full of flavors of wood bark and walnuts. With their mild to medium body, these cigars fit every palate and every pocket.

The incredible reputation of Ashton cigars has led to many fruitful collaborations. Working with the famous Don José Pepin Garcia, Ashton has co-produced San Cristobal and La Aroma De Cuba. The partnership in San Cristobal has been especially bountiful.

In 2021, an Ashton produced San Cristobal Quintessence Churchill earned the number three spot for the top 25 of the year. The critic stated "Ashton has been bringing different versions of San Cristobal to the market every few years. While plenty of cigars are made with Ecuador Havana wrapper and Nicaraguan tobacco. Few are as successful, dynamic, or interesting as the San Cristobal Quintessence Churchill.

Much of the credit goes to the Garcia family of My Father Cigars and their profound understanding of Nicaraguan tobacco. Everything came together quite well with the large Churchill. It’s rich, nutty and complex. Conveying an earthy foundation of coffee bean character, a mid-palate of baking spices and a charming, cappuccino finish."

The Ashton 8-9-8 received an impressive rating of 90 in the October 2018 edition of Cigar Aficionado Magazine! The respected publication wrote "Oil from the binder is seeping through the wrapper leaf of this tan Lonsdale.

The draw is open and lush. Imparting a smoke that starts toasty and dry. But picks up sweeter notes of orange, raisin, and nutmeg before the sweet tea finish."

Ashton has even managed a spot on the magazine's coveted Top 25 with its personal blends. In 2021 the Heritage Puro Sol was given the number twenty three spot. The experts declared. "It delivers a complex weaving of hickory, walnut, and leather notes with a touch of smoky, earthy flavors reminiscent of your last dram of Islay Scotch."

Curious about Ashton but don't want to buy a box? Our online cigar store has plenty of cigar samplers featuring the best the brand has to offer. Sporting the full gamut of premium tastes with absolute aplomb.

In the end, the reason Ashton has attained so much praise in such a short amount of time is because of one word. Consistency. While other brands may face difficulty in keeping every single cigar at the same level of quality. Ashton does it effortlessly.

It takes enormous effort to make it looks so easy. A brand doesn't climb to the top three in America without working hard. But that hard work has always resulted in out of this world blends.

Whether a cigar lover prefers Maduro wrappers or Connecticut shade wrappers. Full power or mild. Sweet, savory, or spicy. Ashton delivers.

Not only delivers but manages to be one of the best without having outrageous cigar prices. While at the same time maintaining a standard of luxury that other brands can only envy.

If you ask the average cigar smoker what brand says, class? Sophistication? Opulence? They'll all say one word. Ashton.

Every cigar is a promise to live up to that standard. Smoke just one and you'll be able to taste a burning passion that has endured since they rolled their first stick. That's the kind of dedication that turns a brand into an empire. One that stands to this day.
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