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Acid Cigars were created to change the way we smoke. By using botanical, herbals, and oils to infuse cigars, they crafted some of the most unique cigars ever. Most premium cigar brands pride themselves in building identities based on tradition—being the oldest, keeping the closest to the tried and true methods, or having roots spanning back to Cuba, that cigar Mecca. The visionaries behind ACID Cigars at Drew Estate understood that to take part in an industry with a lineage going back centuries, tribute should be paid to tradition. However, for any industry to survive it needs innovation and a brand that dares to be different. ACID is the difference the world of premium cigars sorely needs. Everything from the handcrafting of each cigar and the unique aromatic smoke, to the bold, rebellious imagery, transcends a mere compromise between the worlds of tradition and innovation, and instead seamlessly welds an unrelenting drive to be different into an industry saturated with nostalgia.
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