Winston's Connecticut Churchill Cigar Sampler

MSRP: $539.50
MSRP: $539.50

Winston's Connecticut Churchill Cigar Sampler


Macanudo Prince Philip CAFE (7 1/2 x 49)

Montecristo White Churchill NATURAL (7 x 54)

Camacho Connecticut Toro NATURAL (6 x 50)

King David Churchill NATURAL (7 x 52)

Montecristo White Vintage Connecticut Double Corona NATURAL (6 1/4 x 50)

The soothing world of premium stogies can sometimes seem overwhelming by endless choices, confusing messages/descriptions and opinions posing as fact. It can be very complicated and confusing for somebody who’s initiating themselves in the cigar world or, even for a longtime smoker. At the end, your research will lead you to the cigar you always wished to smoke. Definitely, it can take a while before you discover what makes you happy, but we will always be here to help you throughout the process and suggest different cigars that may appeal to your taste buds. How about you start with The Winston’s Connecticut Churchill Cigar Sampler?

Montecristo White Vintage Connecticut Double Corona (6 ¼ x 50) Montecristo White Vintage Connecticut marries the subtle nuances of a vintage 2008, aged Connecticut Shade Wrapper to a sensual blend of hand-selected binder and fillers. Rich, flavorful and complex. For generations, Connecticut Shade Wrapper has been highly sought-after by the by the world’s finest cigar makers. The leaves are grown in the sandy loam, unique to the Connecticut River Valley, under special tenting that filters the sun and elevates humidity to ideal levels.

Camacho Connecticut Toro (6 x 50) The Camacho Connecticut is considered to be the “All around cigar” or the “Utility Cigar”. It’s like a Swiss Army knife. It comes equipped with all the tools needed to satisfy the palette from the most experienced cigar aficionado to the new kids on the block looking to get their foot in the door with a great tasting, balanced blend. It’s the one cigar that can satisfy anyone, anytime, anywhere.

King David Churchill (7 x 46) The King David explodes with the warm, sweet, sensual aroma of oriental spices mixed with roasted almonds and freshly ground coffee beans (if you must know, yes, they grow coffee on the same soil, intentionally). Yet, the cigars boast mild to medium body, completely unexpected of such a flavorful stogie. After harvesting, the fermentation period is extra-long to guarantee the “softness’ of the mature leaves.

Macanudo Prince Phillip (7 ½ x 49) While still achieving the rich status of a Maduro flavor, the Macanudo Maduro is still a mellow smoke. With a Connecticut broadleaf wrapper and Cuban Seed Dominican fillers, this Macanudo is a medium-bodied powerful smoke.

Montecristo White Churchill (7 x 54) The Montecristo White Churchill is a monster of a cigar. Its oily, golden Ecuadorian grown Connecticut seed wrapper and Nicaraguan binder cover a balanced filler blend that delivers smooth and consistent medium bodied smoke with outstanding flavors. A deliciously fragrant smoke with silky soft golden skin, creamy flavors and succulent with honey notes of glazed almonds.

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