Take Flight Cigar Sampler

MSRP: $611.00
MSRP: $611.00

Take Flight Cigar Sampler


Soar through the skies on wings of pure flavor with our Take Flight Cigar Sampler! Do you have the need? The need for premium tastes? You're in luck! We picked out a high flying, full throttle feast of top tier tobacco. We had our experts look for only the elite cigars that surpassed all others in profile, draw, and above all, taste. Only a handful of cigars could make the cut, ensuring the best made it through. They succeeded, and the results were our Take Flight Cigar Sampler!

Cohiba Black The Cohiba Black production is made of tobacco from several countries, including the state of Connecticut - for the wrapper, the Dominican Republic - for the binder and filler and Mexico - for the complex blend. The Cohiba Black delivers an indulgent smoking experience with all the richness and balance of the original Cohiba line. Cohiba Black features a well-fermented Connecticut broadleaf wrapper that gives the cigar its espresso black color. The filler is a blend of Dominican and Mexican tobaccos surrounded by an aged Dominican Piloto binder.

Diesel Diesel Cigars started with the simple mission to provide powerful smokes. That mission grew into one of the most celebrated cigar brands on the planet. It all started with this blend. The Diesel cigar that captivated everyone. Cigars this good could of course only come from AJ Fernandez. The master blender put his signature on Diesel from the beginning. Hand selecting the richest tobacco from the volcanic soils of Nicaragua. Fernandez finished by carefully rolling it in a glorious Pennsylvania Broadleaf wrapper.

Charter Oak Maduro Charter Oak Broadleaf Maduro Cigars were created to exemplify everything incredible about its blender's home, showcasing the wide varieties it can produce. Brand founder Nick Melillo was inspired by a legendary tree in his home state, the Charter Oak. The Charter Oak was used as a peace symbol by Native Americans before its strategic position turned it into an icon of the American Revolution. As a Connecticut Native, Melillo wanted to spread the word about the state's sumptuous tobacco far and wide. The result was the Broadleaf Maduro, a ripe display of lavish premium tastes.

Undercrown Maduro Robusto Blended by the same torcedores that roll the beloved Liga Privada No. 9, the original Undercrown cigar was born out of a challenge. A challenge by Willy Herrera to the cigar rollers in the factory to create a cigar that would satisfy his palate, a cigar that would be equal to, or greater than, his favorite cigar; the Liga Privada 9. The Liga torcedores used the rare tobacco of the Liga Privada but blended aged leaves to create a blend with wonderfully earthy notes of cream, spice with a sweet tobacco finish.

Montecristo Espada Oscuro The Montecristo Espadahas a rich, oaky, nougat aroma with a spicy hickory, ripe plum, and cocoa flavor. This cigar has a rich, majestic, multilayered and deeply satisfying smoke that is truly inspired by tradition, knowledge, and power inspired by the craftsmanship of the old sword makers.

Undercrown Maduro Robusto Maduro (5 x 54)

Cohiba Black Robusto - No tube Maduro (5 1/2 x 50)

Montecristo Espada Oscuro Guard Oscuro (6 x 50)

Charter Oak Connecticut Broadleaf Maduro Grande (6 x 60)

Diesel Shorty – Gordo Natural (4 1/2 x 60)

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