Rustic Smokes Cigar Sampler

MSRP: $411.30
MSRP: $411.30

Rustic Smokes Cigar Sampler


A collection of cigars made for the nostalgic, our Rustic Smokes cigar sampler will have you reminiscing of days gone by as you enjoy the symphony of flavors at your disposal. We can't help but romanticize the past, regardless of what generation you come from, things just seemed a little bit better. Maybe they were, maybe in those golden days the fact that the world was simpler place made all our lives that much more enjoyable. We may never know, but we'll always have those cherished memories within us, reminding us of how far we've come after all these years. What better way to celebrate the good ole days, then with some good old stogies to hark back to that rustic age?

Gispert The tasty Gispert will delight even the seasoned and demanding cigar connoisseur. Once a vintage Cuban brand, it is hand made today by Altadis in Honduras. Gispert cigars are crafted with a unique blend of Honduran and Nicaraguan grown long filler tobaccos, a Honduran binder and a rich golden Ecuadorian Connecticut shade wrapper for the Natural cigars, and a specially grown San Andres Morron dark shade for the Maduro. It is a medium bodied cigar with sweet notes of cocoa and spiced wood, slow burn and long finish.

Excalibur The Excalibur combines power and smoothness in a very unordinary way. I’ve never smoked a cigar so tasteful, yet so mellow, and Mike considers it the best Honduran cigar in the market. Full of tastes of slightly burnt macadamia nuts with creamy notes of milk chocolate, it is absolutely a delicious smoke.

Punch Punch lives up to its name with a bold, full-bodied taste that appeals to men who follow their own instincts as opposed to following the crowd. The wrapper is a full-flavored leaf grown in Ecuador and the filler is a rich blend of Honduran, Nicaraguan and Dominican tobaccos. Not a conventional cigar, and probably not the first cigar for a new smoker to try, Punch is the straightforward, no-nonsense cigar it would have taken to bring a smile to the otherwise curmudgeonly face of Mr. Punch himself.

Don Diego This cigar comes encased in a metal tube. It’s solid and silky, the Don Diego is creamy with buttery flavors of chocolate vanilla. Don Diego, with its Altadis master blender Sr. Seijas, worked out a medium blended cigar with sweet notes of spice and lavender. The Sumatra seed filler combo with a Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper offer soft smoke and smooth finish. This celebratory edition comes in an elegant, varnished case of 25 cigars, as the flagship of this coveted brand.

Partagas This is a medium-to-full in body and featuring a Cameroon wrapper, it greets you with a rich, deep caramelized taste with bright highlights that earns your admiration right away. There’s a toasty aroma which has a hint of spice and the cigar has a medium finish that is fluid and easy.

Don Diego Grande EMS (6 x 52)

Excalibur Epicures Natural (5 1/4 x 50)

Gispert Toro Natural (6 x 50)

Partagas Naturales Natural (5 1/2 x 50)

Punch Pita EMS (6 x 50)

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