Churchills Sweet & Mild Cigar Sampler

MSRP: $544.50
MSRP: $544.50

Churchills Sweet & Mild Cigar Sampler


Enjoy a long relaxing smoke? Do you crave the sweetest tastes that tobacco can offer? You're going to love our Churchills Sweet & Mild Cigar Sampler! Not only are these the smoothest, sweetest, and most soothing smokes around, but since they're Churhcills they're guaranteed to last you hours. A whole sampler of luscious and long Churchill smokes will ease any and all stress, so sit back and relax with our Churchills Sweet & Mild Cigar Sampler!

Rocky Patel Edge Lite The Rocky Patel Edge Lite is a powerful cigar introduced in 2004. It is offered with a choice of Corojo or Maduro wrapper. This mild to medium bodied cigar is a toned down version of ‘The Edge’. Smooth & creamy with a nutty core accompanied with a hint of sweetness.

Montecristo Classic The Montecristo Classic is an iconic smoke that strikes a near perfect balance between refreshingly mild and a rush of toasted flavors that saturate and satisfy the palate with each draw. A mild to medium-bodied cigar with a floral aroma with hints of honey, flavorful notes of almonds, butter toffee, vanilla and a long, smooth finish, the Montecristo Classic is the perfect cigar for almost any occasion.

Camacho Connecticut Smoking a cigar that successfully finds the balance between boldness and distinct flavor is hard to come by. The Camacho Connecticut Series combines both of these traits well, giving the cigar aficionado a mild, smooth smoke, but one that packs a spicy kick to it.

Baccarat This world renowned cigar is being made since 1871 and reintroduced in 1978 by Carl Upmann. The man in charge of cigar making was Julio Eiroa, father of Christian Eiroa who became the owner of Camacho cigars, maker of Baccarat. Today, Baccarat cigars are made by Davidoff of Geneva at the old Camacho factory.

Macanudo Macanudo Café cigars have been amusing well-heeled cigar aficionado for over five decades, they have also become a notably intriguing and pleasant choice for the “new smoker” generation. The mild mannered Macanudo Café cigar is a wonderful way to welcome novice smokers to the Macanudo family.

Baccarat Churchill Natural (7 x 48)

Macanudo Prince Philip Cafe (7 1/2 x 49)

Montecristo Classic Churchill Natural (7 x 54)

Rocky Patel Edge Lite Double Corona Natural (7 1/2 x 52)

Camacho Connecticut Churchill Natural (7 x 48)

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