's Cold Outside Cigar Sampler

MSRP: $430.00
MSRP: $430.00
QTY's Cold Outside Cigar Sampler


Brrr...It’s cold outside but… my cigar is keeping me warm!!! It’s that time of the year again the snow is falling, the temperature has dropped, gift shopping to do, and enjoying a smoke outside just got a little harder! Our professional cigar smokers know how tough it can be to enjoy a smoke in the cold, that’s why we took some of our best smokes with the best sizes for you to enjoy it when you’re out in the cold this winter. Even though it is cold outside your cigar will be there to keep you warm!!!!

Punch Signature Robusto (5 x 54) The NEW Punch Signature is the latest PUNCH edition and was designed to update and renovate this old Cuban brand. Punch Signature is dressed with Ecuadorian Corojo wrapper, specially cultivated for the new Punch Signature. Grown in the volcanic Los Rios province of Ecuador, the tobacco is exceptionally rich and marries well with the Nicaraguan binder and the Dominican-Nicaraguan blend. The Signature is a full body powerhouse and very flavorful cigar.

CAO Pilon Robusto (5 x 52) The CAO pilon was fermented using circular pilons, which is a layering of tobacco leaves in a circular pattern which ferments tobacco at a slower rate of speed. This process of fermentation is less commonly used today due to higher costs. The circular pilon process helps to enhance the flavor by slowing the fermentation rates more so than more modern methods.

Punch Gran Puro Rancho (5 1/2 x 54). This cigar carried on the tradition of the classic Punch Gran Puro name. An all-Honduran cigar with an extra-dark, extra-bold Havana-see wrapper, the Punch Gran Puro delivers a unique flavor and meaty texture in an impressive 60 ring gauge cigar.

Macanudo Port (4 1/2 x 60) The Macanudo Cafe Port is one of the first cigars to use the now popular large ring format. At 4 1/2 x 60, this fat, stocky Robusto is full of flavor yet remains mild bodied. The unmistakable Macanudo aroma and flavors complete this Mike’s exclusive.

Punch Magnum (5 1/4 x 54) The Honduran Punch cigars were created by cigar legend Frank Llaneza and first introduced to the US market in 1969 by Villazon (now part of General Cigar). Comprised of all Cuban-seed tobaccos from Honduras, Nicaragua, the US, and the Dominican Republic, Punch cigars offer the smoker a range of sizes not found in other brands.

Macanudo Port NATURAL (4 1/2 x 60)

Punch Magnum EMS (5 1/4 x 54)

Punch Gran Puro Rancho NATURAL (5 1/2 x 54)

Punch Signature Robusto NATURAL (5 x 54)

CAO Pilon Robusto NATURAL (5 x 52)

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You're's Cold Outside Cigar Sampler
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