Big Ring Havoc Cigar Sampler

MSRP: $432.50
MSRP: $432.50

Big Ring Havoc Cigar Sampler


There are those aficionados who want their smoke to last, to capture that elusive feeling that their great cigar is somehow seemingly endless. That why we've assembled our Big Ring Havoc Cigar Sampler, a magnificent buffet of the biggest and best cigars around. These are the big rings that defy any and all expectations, packing in more flavorful tobacco than ever thought possible. A big ring cigar has always meant that smokers are in store for hours of pleasure, and a sampler of the finest big rings means veritable days of nothing but joy. To top it all off, we've included the phenomenal Rome y Julieta Havoc Churchill to make your long smoke even better.

La Caoba Extra is a real Nicaraguan Puro with a medium body. The line consists of seven vitolas to cover the entire spectrum of sizes to satisfy every aficionado out there. Just like in its Cuban heyday, the brand still boasts the “puro” crown, that is, all three cigar elements, wrapper, binder and filler, being harvested exclusively, at the lash fields of the Nicaraguan tropical region. It is a truly aromatic cigar with a nutty cocoa finish. This is the unique result of a great marriage between the tobacco ingredients, since they all are “natives” of the same grounds.

Baccarat This world renowned cigar is being made since 1871, and was reintroduced in 1978. Its blend is mild with flavors of Cocoa, and Nutmeg followed by a sweet toasted wheat finish. The mild body is produced by blending the Havana seed filler/binder with Connecticut shade wrapper, sweetened by a special sealing technique with Indian gum. Baccarat is different than most Honduran cigars as it is wonderfully mild and easy to the palate.

King David Made in Honduras under the watchful eye of Alan Rubin, president of Alec Bradley cigars. All Alec Bradley cigars are high quality and made of premium aged tobacco and the King David is no different. The cigar is finished with a silky golden roll of pure Connecticut leaf which paves the way for a perfectly light aroma that marries with the Honduras/Nicaraguan blend and the Sumatra binder. Just like other non-heavy smokes that feature light wrapper but rich and complex flavors, the King David is easy on the palate and full of tastes at the same time.

Romeo y Julieta Havoc The well-known trademark has been a favorite of smokers since its creation in 1875, but today, for the first time, the company came with all new, modernized, and flavorful brand called Romeo Y Julieta Havoc. Be the first to get the new Romeo Havoc. The cigar is incredible with only three contemporary sizes in BIG ring starting at 56 gauge! Each cigar is wrapped and bound with a rich Nicaraguan Habano leaf that was extra aged to pair with the hand-selected blend of Nicaraguan and Honduran long filler which was aged 2-3 years. The result is a powerful, yet smooth and creamy smoke with toasty notes of nuts and spiced coffee.

Camacho Scorpion Connecticut Handmade in Honduras, features an Ecuador Connecticut wrapper with a blend of Honduran and Nicaraguan tobaccos beneath. The result is a mild to medium-bodied premium cigar with hints of cream, leather, almond, wood, and a touch of spice. This cigar is what you’ve come to expect from Camacho in terms of flavor, outstanding construction, and price, a true treat for the cigar aficionado who appreciates high quality.

La Caoba Extra Gold Medal - Gordo Natural (6 x 60)

Baccarat Gordo Natural (6 x 60)

King David Gordo NATURAL (6 x 60)

Camacho Scorpion Connecticut Gordo 60x6 Natural (6 x 60)

Romeo Y Julieta Havoc Fat Churchill Natural (7 x 58)

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