Swag S


Swag S

SWAG S (discontinued)

Dominican Republic
Dominican Republic
Dominican Republic
Medium to Full
100 % of 100
The Swag S Maduro – Think outside the box.
Don’t let the pop urban name fool you, Swag has been making some of the freshest, most flavorful cigars the market has seen in a long time. Their ability to go outside the “norm” as far as blending and styling go have assisted their rising in the cigar ranks. They continue to push the limits with the Swag
S series, which is aimed for a new generation of cigar aficionados. The Swag S reflects the taste of young and modern smokers who sometimes grow weary of the same old traditional blends. That’s not to say that traditional isn’t good. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it right? But no one said we couldn’t go side by side and introduce a new line for the new generation. It’s a hand-me-down but with a modern edge.
Swag 'S' comes with a Greek/European themed design for that euro luxury feel & like brand creator Fabian Barrantes VP of Swag Cigars & Product Development says 'it’s just different' that type of look that no one is really achieving or even thinking of designing and going outside the box like swag cigars has been doing for the last 3 years. It’s the reason why our fan base supports our brand regarding of a pop urban name that most won’t try but definitely miss out on when it comes to some incredible blends, oversize vitolas, perfect construction and an incredible taste which is what Swag S is all about."
The blend profile is comprised of a Nicaraguan Maduro Claro, with Dominican binders and fillers to create a unique smoke that will definitely garner traction with the new age of cigar aficionados worldwide. This cigar is just as full bodied like the rest of its brethren in the Swag stable, with nicely balanced notes of sweet tobacco, rich earthy notes and subtle hints of chocolaty sweetness. It’s a great cigar with a big finish, fitting for the revolution of the new age. Pick yours up today and join the cause!
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