SWAG (discontinued)

Dominican Republic
Dominican Republic
Dominican Republic
Dominican Republic
Medium to Full
Swag cigars is a new Dominican blend cigar from Boutique Blends. Rafael Nodal underwent a task that is defiantly not an easy one.  He blended Dominican tobacco from a single farm that is used for the wrapper, binder, and filler of the cigar. Creating this blend to try and mimic the strength and flavor that is produced from Nicaraguan tobaccos. Think about it like crafting a wine in California and trying to get close to a French or Italian profile.
The result from his efforts can be tasted in Swag cigars. Focusing on using a complete Dominican Puro blend from a single farm using the wrapper, binder, and filler from this farm to create a flavor profile that will be similar to full Nicaraguan blend. One of the keys to this project is that they tobacco is from Cuban seed planted on this farm in the Dominican Republic to blend the cigars.
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