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Plasencia Cigars has never forgotten what made it a phenomenon in the first place. Striving to put an affectionate personal touch into every cigar. This is why it's remained a family operation for so long. That trademark passion is instilled in every member of the operation.

The art of cigar making has been the primary focus of the Plasencia family for generations. From the selection
of seeds to the growth and cultivation of the tobacco to the blending process. All of it was under the watchful eye of the Plasencias. Going all the way back to 1865 when Eduardo Plasencia emigrated to Cuba.

Starting at a small operation, Eduardo soon went independent and involved his children in managing the business. They continued building a reputation for flawless smokes in the cigar industry. With each passing the operation down to new Plasencias every few generations.

Since then, they've become one of the top providers of extraordinary tobacco on the planet. Growing for premier brands as well as hand rolling their own house brand. Now under the dutiful command of Nestor Plasencia Sr.

Their newest offering, Alma Fuerte, is already living up to the brand's sterling reputation for handmade cigars. A rare blend consisting of their best aged Nicaraguan long filler tobacco. Grown in specially treated, high quality soil and aged for a minimum of ten years. The result is sublime, nuanced smoke tinged with medium bodied strength and notes of dark chocolate, plum, cinnamon, oak, and molasses.

Plasencia has long been a critical darling. Often blending premium cigars that make Cigar Aficionado's Top 25. Most recently, Plasencia Alma del Fuego Concepción was awarded a 93 point rating. It would later reach the number thirteen spot for that year's Top 25.

The reviewer stated."The Alma del Fuego Concepción was created by prolific tobacco grower Nestor Andrés Plasencia. To emphasize Nicaraguan cigars from the volcanic island of Ometepe. This is the third installment of Plasencia's Alma Series and made with only Nicaraguan tobacco.

One of the two binders is from Ometepe as is half the filler. According to Plasencia, all the Ometepe tobacco was aged for seven years. Which is longer than the rest of the components in the blend."

That wasn't the only cigar from the rand that made it to the Top 25 for that year. The Plasencia Cosecha 146 La Vega also scored an impressive 93 point rating. It would reach number nineteen for the year. The critics were wowed by its all Criollo ’98 construction.

Noting tea, citrus, earth, and caramel in the flavor profile. Smokers won't be disappointed. But even those great blends pale in comparison to the one that broke through to the Top 10 cigars of the year for 2019. The Plasencia Alma Fuerte Generacion V.

A blend that reached for the stars and managed to surpass them. The Alma Fuerte received an incredible 93 point rating for its artful profile. Plasencia knew it had to create something beyond wonderful. The Genracion V surpassed even that.

It's no wonder that it was awarded the number 9 spot for all of 2017. Alma Fuerte is a blend of four tobaccos grown in Nicaragua. Estelí, Condega, Jalapa and Ometepe. All the tobacco comes together with aplomb in Generacion V. It's a Nicaraguan puro that can't be missed.

This box pressed Salomon style cigar is full of flavor in each of its tapers and curves. Light it up and you'll be rewarded with layer upon rich layer of cocoa powder, leather, and toast. While that may be the highest a Plasencia cigar has made it on the Top 25, it won't be the last.

Plasencia has worked hard to make itself one of the finest cigar makers, cigar manufacturers, and cigar brands on Earth.
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