Lusitania was once a plentiful province of the Roman Empire, located in what is now modern-day Portugal and Spain. Now the  Lusitania name refers to a delicious Nicaraguan puro cigar. Tabacalera Perdomo is the manufacturer of these fine cigars.

The Perdomo family hail from Cuba, where there is an unquestionable heavy Spanish influence. Since 1997, the Lusitania cigars are hand rolled
in Cuban tradition by skilled torcedores.  The cigars are shipped in Spanish cedar boxes which feature opulent Spanish influenced designs.

Lusitania cigars are made using “fina flor” or “fine leaf” from the fertile Jalapa and Esteli regions of Nicaragua. The balanced medium-bodied sticks are available with two different wrappers. The options are between a succulent dark Maduro or a rich cafe-colored sun-grown wrapper.

These stogies are a great addition to your humidor. We own the distribution rights so we’ll get you the best deal on these fine handcrafted cigars.
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