Gurkha Triad


Gurkha Triad

GURKHA TRIAD (discontinued)

Dominican Republic
Ecuador, Connecticut
Dominican Republic
Honduras, Nicaragua
Mild to Medium
The Gurkha Triad Natural – This Triad came to play, but not for long.
A smoother, richer, or more complex cigar does not exist. The Gurkha Triad features some of the finest aged tobaccos available on the market today.
Sporting a gorgeous 10-Year Connecticut Ecuadorian wrapper, a 7-year Dominican Binder, and a 7-year Nicaraguan/ Honduran filler, the triad cigars
comes packaged in an antique looking box, crafted to perfection by the one and only Master of packaging Kaizad Hansotia himself.
The Triad is a limited release, with only 300 boxes of this masterpiece made available for purchase around the world.
Pre light aromas include a subtle peppery spice, with hints of cedar and earth tones, and as soon as you light up a Gurkha Triad the flavors just keep coming. Hints of citrus begin to fill the palate until smooth warm notes of chocolate and nuts taking over, the blend is undeniably unique and flavorful from start to finish. This stick is the perfect match to your bottle of sake.
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