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Every great cigar begins at the seed. The Eiroa family’s seeds have been harvesting and extending their roots for over 100 years and 3 generations within the cigar industry. Founded in 2013, Eiroa cigars pay homage to the Eiroa family's more than 100 years of Tobacco excellence. From their humble beginnings as Tobacco farmers, to their days at the helm of Camacho, to Christian Luis Eiroa’s beloved CLE line of cigars the name Eiroa has become one of the most respected in the industry. Experience what legacy tastes like. From the leather strap in the box, the way Eirola’s grandfather packed them, to the family crest “Salud Amor Pesetas”, this smoke is a great treat for cigar aficionados. The only way to maintain the consistency this family is known for, is to keep it in the family. ...Read More

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