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The Edgar Hoill Series – O.S.O.K.
What is O.S.O.K. you ask? Who is this Edgar Hoill name that has been buzzing through the grape vine? These are all good questions if you are just finding out about this brand. Edgar Hoill is a world renowned photographer whose cutting edge photography of “more than unusual” urban surroundings has earned him the nickname
“O.S.O.K. aka One Shot One Kill”. His shots are powerful, the messages he conveys are heart-felt, and when it comes to breaking the barriers to the most exclusive individuals and lifestyles, Edgar is there to capture the true essence of each setting. Edgar “One Shot One Kill” Hoill has now returned to the cigar business in the form of “Edgar Hoill Cigars”, a new company in association with Christian Eiroa.
Edgar Hoill's new One Shot One Kill is a full-bodied Nicaraguan puro that has been meticulously handcrafted at the world famous Fabricas Unidas by some of the most experienced cigar designers. A high level of precision and a flawless, one of a kind smoke is what you get with rich flavors rooted deep within each layer of tobacco. It was made to represent a lifestyle movement which captures chronicles and memorializes a lifestyle that only a few can trully understand. The cigar and clothing line is inspired by urban life in LA and other major cities.
As an amateur photographer, Edgar started over a decade ago capturing the beauty he found in what others would consider horrific or less than appropriate living conditions. From gangland imagery in the poverty ridden streets of Los Angeles to the high-profile organized crime bosses of the Yakuza in Japan, Edgar has seen, experience and captured what others only watch in movies. He has conveyed that same awe, excitement, and life with passion into his new line of cigars. Take part in this movement with him and order your Edgar Hoill O.S.O.K. cigars today and experience life through urban design.
The Edgar Hoill Series – One Shot One Kill. It’s all you need.
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