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Dominican Original is a pleasing mellow cigar. This brand was ahead of its time. Even though the cigars consist of mainly Dominican tobacco it was the skill set of a Cuban descendant that crafted this decadent cigar.
In 1986, Dominican Original was launched by master cigar maker Manuel Quesada. Quesada partnered with Mike’s Cigars to distribute these silky cigars throughout the United
States. This is one of many times in which this dynamic duo have come together to craft truly remarkable cigars.
The Quesada legacy began with two brothers, Antero and Constantino Gonzales. Someone paid off a debt to the brothers using tobacco, that transaction brought the brothers into the tobacco industry.
In the search for new tobaccos, the family traveled to other countries and this led them to begin trading Dominican tobacco in the 1920’s. This venture gave the family a chance to remain in the tobacco industry after Fidel Castro’s communist regime stripped the family of their established business.
The Quesada family left Cuba in 1960. A year later they reestablished their brokerage business in the free trade zone of Santiago, Dominican Republic. The business kept growing and in 1974 the MATASA factory was opened.
Originally, the factory only produced cigars for Antillian Cigar, a Miami based brand. As the years passed the factory had steady growth and began producing cigars for other brands, including big names like the non-Cuban Romeo y Julieta. Over several decades the family made a name for themselves and in 2014 the entire business became known as Quesada Cigars.
Dominican Original was one of the first brands to have a giant cigar measuring 10 x 66. The Fat Tub size is the fourth largest commercially available cigar on the market. Back in the late 80’s, Dominican Original Fat Tub was like a salmon swimming upstream against the normal cigar sizes.
The Dominican Original cigars are mild in strength and can reach medium strength toward the nub. The smooth Dominican blend was assembled by cigar star Manuel Quesada. The filler blend is cloaked in a delicate Connecticut-shade wrapper. Not all Dominican Original cigars will stick out in a humidor because they are also offered in common sizes.
These cigars can last till the 18th hole, which in our minds make them a golfing essential. Fortunately, these sticks are available in affordable bundles. With all the options you need and more, there is no reason not to add a Dominican Original cigar to your list of favorites today!
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Dominican Original

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