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When one hears Chevére, the mind conjures images of classic Guayaberas, warm, hearty laughter between friends, and rich cigar smoke perfuming the air and dancing off the table as dominoes click getting shuffled and slapped down. One would hardly associate Chevére with the rolling emerald hills of Ireland. However, the Chevére Cigarrillos recipe originated in Ireland, even though it is no longer manufactured there.

Chevére is that fleeting, glimmering moment when everything is alright—when worries seem to have vanished and in their stead is the tinge of pain in one’s abdomen from a good, genuine laugh, the warmth of a friendly embrace, or the coziness of a plush leather recliner as one takes the first flavorful draw of a fine cigar.
Introduced in the early 1990s, Chevére Cigarrillos are beloved as each cigarrillo is a brief lively, peppery excursion from everyday worries. While many cigars have that initial excitement within the first few draws, a Chevére Cigarrillo, thanks to its smaller size, maintains the experience from the first draw to the final exhale.
A Chevére Cigarrillo would make the perfect accompaniment to a finely brewed cup of morning coffee, a good craft beer, or a freshly grilled steak. Of course, it is just as well enjoyed on its own as your little indulgence for a hard day’s work.
However you choose to enjoy your Chevére Cigarrillo, you will be partaking in a cherished entry into our esteemed family of brands, and our perfect marriage of Brazilian and Sumatran Tobacco, Cuban-American heritage and ingenuity, and the lush Emerald Isle, will have you feeling Chevére.
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