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CAFE CREME (discontinued)

Café Crème cigarillos are ideal for the American lifestyle. The European origin of the brand accredits their classy heritage. Café Crème is a vastly popular brand throughout Europe and it is gaining the same status in the United States.
The history of Café Crème can be traced back to 1904 in Duizel, Netherlands. It was at that time that Jacques Wintermans
started producing cigars. Four years later, Jacques asked his younger brother Harrie to join the cigar business.
The company was called A. Wintermans & Zonen and it was a growing family business. Jacques’ two sons joined in the 1920’s, later on so did his grandsons. Harrie felt that it was time for him to go his own way and started his own endeavor in conjecture with the family company in 1934.
Harrie decided to change his name to a trendier one and chose to be called Henri instead. His branch was located in Eersel, Netherlands and soon became its own entity, under the name Henri Wintermans. The branch focused on the export of the A. Wintermans & Zonen cigars.
In order to avoid confusion A. Wintermans became Agio Cigars. The globally popular brand is now one of the biggest highlights on the family’s legacy, if not the biggest. Agio was even awarded the Royal Prize in 2004.
Henri Wintermans launched the Café Crème brand in 1963. The cigarillos were a hit and became a category leader in Europe, especially in the tobacconist packed Western countries.
In 1966, British-American Tobacco acquired the Henri Wintermans production. This allowed Café Crème and other Henri Wintermans brands get more global exposure and grow exponentially.
In 1996, Scandinavian Tobacco Company became the owner of Henri Wintermans and Café Crème.  Since 2007, C.A.O., now under General Cigar Co., has been responsible for distributing Café Crème throughout the United States.
Café Crème only sources tobacco from Java, Colombia, Italy and the Dominican Republic. The array of dry-cured tobacco from these four countries is responsible for the bestselling flavored blends. Café Crème wrappers are either natural Java or Ecuadorian tobacco.
Skilled torcedors roll the wrapper onto each cigarillo. This is an awkward process that ultimately creates a refined cigarillo. Café Crème hand rolled cigarillos and cigars pair exquisitely with brandy and leave a pleasant taste in the mouth of aficionados who smokes it.
American connoisseurs are quickly discovering why Café Crème is a top selling cigarillo and cigar brand in Europe. The convenient shorter smoking period is optimal for aficionados who are on the go and need a little something to help them unwind.
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Cafe Creme (discontinued)

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