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Aging Room Artistry

AGING ROOM ARTISTRY (discontinued)

Dominican Republic
Habano Dominicano
Habano Dominicano
Habano Dominicano
Mild to Medium
86.666666666667 % of 100
If you like small batch cigars made with the best aged premium tobacco and a fantastic price, then the Aging Room Artistry is music to your ears. Rafael Nodal is a one of the most famous cigar makers in the world, introducing hit after hit of highly rated small batch cigars. At Mike’s Cigars we like Rafael Nodal’s work so much, that we asked him to make an Aging Room exclusive blend for us. Rafael and our guys spends weeks and month blending and re-blending some of the most unique and hard to find tobaccos in the world. The result….. Aging Room Artistry.
If you are familiar with his work, you will know that Rafael is a classical trained musician and he loves to blend unique tobaccos to create unique blends. The Aging Room Artistry combine some of the best Dominican tobacco meticulously aged to obtain a medium body cigar with lots of flavor, aroma and character. You would expect to pay $13, $15 or $17 for such a premium cigar, but thanks to our negotiation skills you will only pay a fraction of that. 
Don’t take our word for it. Try the Aging Room Artistry at these introductory prices and you too will feel the music…. 
His Aging Room Quattro F55 was rated 95 and was Cigar Aficionado No.1 Cigar of 2013. His Aging Room M356 was rated 95 and his La Bohéme was rated 94 and was the only cigar in history to appear in every Top 20 Cigars List in the world in 2015, Including Cigar Afinionado’s No. 12
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