There are many cigar accessories, but the one accessory that EVERY cigar den requires is the Cigar Ashtray. You can use a lighter, torch, or matches, you can use a humidor, plastic bin, or even a plastic bag, but you can’t exactly ash onto the desk or carpet. Ashtrays have evolved from a simple receptacle that collect ashes, to works of arts that define a smoking lounge, with designs that can class up a patio as easily as it does a man cave. Attractively designed, with multiple rests or “fingers”, deep bowls, or any other convenience you could wish for in what was once a “garbage can for ashes”. The term “stinky” has even been given a makeover, thanks to the ever-popular Stinky Ashtrays! Ashtrays now come in every size and color, and can be made of materials such as porcelain, wood, metal, plastic, or even glass and crystal. From works of art that are fashioned in cigar memorabilia like tobacco leaves or classic cars, or can carry the images and logos that represent your favorite cigar brand, we even have ashtrays designed for the car! Whatever you are looking for, we have the perfect ashtray for you....Read More

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