The Aging Room Quattro cigars are small batch cigars made with a unique tobacco blend and constructed with superbly aged Sumatra wrappers that are the component which defines the flavor! Aging Room claims that blending is in their DNA and we're inclined to believe them! It's a bold statement but the proof is in the pudding! The reviews they receive uphold their assertion and have prompted them to become one of the most acclaimed small batch cigar brands in the world!

Their key to success lays in the fact they use rare tobacco harvested in the Dominican Republic. The blends are crafted in La Palma, one of the few factories in the Pro Cigar Association of Dominican Cigar Manufacturers. Jochy, who became a partner in Boutique Blends, keeps watch over the production of the limited handcrafted cigars.

The carefully blended selection has something for every cigar connoisseur. Rafael believes creating a blend is much like creating music on his violin. A great deal of consideration is necessary to achieve a pleasurable harmony with just the right notes. Rafael applies it to both his cigars and music. Enjoying an Aging Room cigar is an exclusive luxurious experience. When you smoke one, take immense pride in the privilege of enjoying the fruits-of-labor of one immigrant’s American Dream.