Oliva Cigars Helps Factory Workers’ Children Access Education

Oliva Gives Back!
Credit: J.Cortes Newsroom

Near the Oliva Cigar Co. factories, in Estelí, Nicaragua, there is a school that offers a great education for children, but at a price that’s too high for the company’s factory workers to afford, until now.

As part of a long-term commitment, Oliva Cigars, which is owned by Belgium-based J. Cortès, is donating part of its profits directly to the Catholic primary school (now called Escuela Oliva) so that children of factory workers can attend.

According to a press release, Oliva is providing financial support for the school’s teachers, and is handling the cost of one meal a day for the students.

“It’s giving this young generation hope and a good education,” said Wilmer Jeronimo Lagos, the English teacher at Escuela Oliva.

“Not only did we make significant improvements to working conditions, we also invested in the school so that the children of our colleagues are now able to attend classes there,” said J. Cortès CEO Frederik Vandermarliere.

Tabacalera Oliva & Fabretto Children´s Foundation

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