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Every step of the cigar process is a work of art, and how they're housed is no exception. We have humidors here of every variety to care for your cigars. A humidor is more than just a practical and efficient way to safely house your cigars, a humidor can be a bona fide work of art. Every imaginable variation, big or small, is engineered not just to keep cigars in peak condition, but to be aesthetically pleasing. So whether you need to house ten cigars, fifty, or a hundred, you'll find just the right device to keep them smokable right here.
Shipping charges for orders with humidors will be calculated during order processing and the customer will be notified.
Cigar humidors are very popular during the Holiday season because a nice desktop unit makes a great Christmas gift. In these pages, we laid down for you just a sampling of our entire humidor inventory. From small travel humidors to large home units we carry the full range of humidors. We reserve the right to subject returned humidors to a 33% restocking fee.
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