Cuban Heritage Cigar Sampler

MSRP: $458.00
MSRP: $458.00

Cuban Heritage Cigar Sampler


Lets go back to a time where Mojitos cost 99 cents, a cigar was a nickel and the times were much simpler. We can go back and find the amazing these amazing brands of Qunitero and Porlarranaga, two of the old iconic Cuban cigars. To this day Quintero and Por Larranaga are still very hard to find. They managed to come to the US market not too long ago, to give us a taste of true Cuban Heritage, the rare stuff you need to search high and low to get your hands on. Bringing us forward we also included the bold Camacho along with the Superior high quality of Rocky Patel.

Camacho Ecuador Toro (6 x 50) The Camacho Ecuador comes out from the Camacho Brand now part of the Oettinger Davidoff Group that has been making headlines in the cigar industry as of late. This new flavor brings more of the intense and bold taste that they are known for and they’re not slowing down with this daring cigar. The Camacho Ecuador is bringing Havana-seed Ecuador Habano leaf with a distinct color, texture and aroma. Grown in the rugged and nitrogen rich soils beneath the towering Andes Mountains, a majestic region where tobacco growing first took hold thousands of years ago.

Rocky Patel 15th Anniversary Toro (6 1/2 x 52) The Rocky Patel 15th Anniversary cigar was made to celebrate Rocky's 15 years in the cigar business. Whit a soft, flawless wrapper this cigar is perfectly made. Draw is excellent and this cute cigar produce a large amount of smoke. This Robusto Rocky Patel has earthy coffee taste, with notes of sweet floral and spice.

Quintero Robusto (5 x 50) The Quintero was launched by the old Spanish Tabacalera in 1970, but when Altadis took over during the 1990’s they decided to reinvent the brand. Quintero is sexy, sultry and smoking. Everything you always fantasized about a pressed cigar, with its sensual blend of Nicaraguan tobaccos, and its rich, reddish, Nicaraguan Corojo wrapper, Quintero will satisfy the lover of fuller body cigars like none other. The cigar is really outstanding, earthy, rich, and full of flavors of succulent spices like ginger and cinnamon and a long finish of toasted nuts.

Rocky Patel Vintage 2003 Toro (6 1/2 x 52) This is the newest addition to the Vintage lines. Rocky Patel Vintage 2003 features a beautifully aged Cameroon wrapper which covers the 8 year old Nicaraguan binder and Dominican/Nicaraguan filler. This medium body cigar has a rich complex flavor blend of cedar, sweet spice and a nutty, coffee finish.

Por Larrañaga Robusto (7 x 50) This bold smoke is made with a blend of deeply-aged Dominican and Honduran filler tobaccos, a spicy Mexican binder and an Ecuadorian-grown Connecticut shade wrapper. A limited number of these exquisite cigars are handmade by the same meticulous rollers who create the legendary Montecristo. These cigars make for a smooth yet complex smoking experience to be treasured by even the most discriminating smokers.


Camacho Ecuador Toro 6 x 50
Rocky Patel 15th Anniversary Toro 6 1/2 x 52
Quintero Robusto 5 x 50
Rocky Patel Vintage 2003 Toro 6 1/2 x 52
Por Larrañaga Robusto 7 x 50

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Quintero Churchill NATURAL (7 x 50)

Rocky Patel 15th Anniversary Toro NATURAL (6 1/2 x 52)

Rocky Patel Vintage 2003 Toro NATURAL (6 1/2 x 52)

Camacho Ecuador Toro NATURAL (6 x 50)

Por Larranaga Robusto NATURAL (5 x 52)

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