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My Father Cigars


The legacy of My Father sits on the shoulders of Jose Pepin Garcia, master cigar roller, and blender. Garcia describes the company’s purpose as “a lifelong passion! It is not just about a cigar, it is a dream – the Garcia dream!”  The company is truly a family operation with both his children heavily involved in the operation.
Pepin Garcia started rolling cigars
when he was about 11 years-old. He practiced the craft for 30 years in Cuba before arriving in Miami in 2002 where he founded the El Rey de Los Habanos factory in Little Havana. Pepin’s first brand, Tatuaje, was the catalyst for his rapidly growing success and notability, which led him to work with Cohiba, Montecristo and various other prestigious brands. 
Shortly thereafter, the My Father brand started with a secret. Jaime Garcia, Pepin’s son and an experienced blender himself, began working on a special blend unbeknownst to Pepin. When Pepin discovered this he asked for three cigars to try. The next day he was moved when Jaime mentioned he intended to call it My Father. The original blend was a Nicaraguan filler tobacco with a Habano seed wrapper from Ecuador.
In 2008, Pepin won “Americas Hottest Cigar Maker”.  A year later the Garcia Family opened a factory in Esteli, Nicaragua to keep up with the boosted demand. The Garcia Family Industrial Park is seven acres dedicated to generating the necessary tobacco and cigars to meet market requests.
My Father continues to earn more accolades including Best Cigar of the Year. In 2012, they received the award from Cigar Aficionado with Flor de Las Antillas. In 2015, Cigar Aficionado and Cigar Snob both awarded My Father cigars, Le Bijou and El Centurion H-2K-CT respectively, as Cigar of the Year. My Father has also won several top 25 cigar rankings with Cigar Aficionado throughout the years.
Production is now split between the Nicaraguan factory and a boutique factory in Doral, run by Pepin’s daughter Janny, where 12 cigar rolling experts work using the traditional Cuban methods taught to them by Pepin Garcia. Pepin stresses that no matter where the cigars are produced they stay true to their Cuban roots. All cigars include the classic Cuban triple-cap finish and are rolled entubado style.
The large facility in Esteli provides a unique opportunity for My Father to oversee the entire process within its own estate, from seed to box. The family has been growing their own filler tobacco since 2006 and pride themselves on the quality of their harvests. My Father favors using a Habano wrapper sourced from the foothills of the Andes Mountains in Ecuador, which was part of Jaime’s original cigar.  
My Father Cigars’ modest beginning in Little Havana has exploded into a multi-location operation producing not only for their own brands but on contract for others.  Pepin intends to keep growing he says “We will continue working even harder to give, every day, more and more.” Based on how far they’ve come so quick, My Father has an intriguing future ahead of them.
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