Davidoff Cigars is the epitome of class, elegance, and exquisite craftsmanship; all executed with a dignified confidence that is only matched by its instrumental role in shaping the world of cigars. In short, Davidoff Cigars, and the prolific Davidoff of Geneva, are imbued with  the spirit of Zino Davidoff— a gentleman and a pioneer, dedicated to his craft, without whom many groundbreaking advances in cigarmaking, which we take for granted today, would not have come into being.

As such, the story of Davidoff Cigars, and the foundation for cigars as we know them, begins in 1906 in Kiev, with the birth of Zino Davidoff.  Zino was the newest addition to a long line of Davidoff tobacconists, the latest heir to the rich aroma of fine tobacco leaves and the daily bustle of the business.
In 1911, due to political unrest in the region from the tremors of the Workers Revolution in Ukraine and the beginnings of the Soviet rise to power, the Davidoffs moved to Geneva, Switzerland, where Zino’s father, Henri, founded Davidoff of Geneva.
Davidoff of Geneva proved successful, but as the business grew so did Zino’s strive for perfection. As a young man Zino went on a pilgrimage through the Caribbean, Central and South America, learning from farmers and laborers the delicate, precise processes involved in growing the finest tobacco in the world.
Zino returned to Geneva, enlightened with the secrets of master tobacco cultivators and crafters, but was met with a Europe in turmoil, in the birth pangs of a world at war.
While many were shaken by the uncertainty and unrest that permeated the air, Zino took a deep breath, rolled up his sleeves, and began his revolution in the world of cigars.
He installed the world’s first climate-controlled room into his family’s store in Geneva, ensuring the freshness of the tobacco.  In his pursuit to capture the luscious tropical birthplace of the tobacco, he created a humidified box to preserve the tobacco, naming the new invention a “humidor.” His dedication to preservation was renowned in the industry, so when France was on the verge of invasion he was called upon to rescue the Parisian inventory of Cuban Havana cigars, preserving them in preparation for the renascence of peace to the land.
Through Zino’s perseverance Davidoff of Geneva became a sanctuary amidst the turmoil of war, where Zino bonded with all manner of aficionados seeking their momentary escape, including the likes of King Farouk of Egypt, Baron Rothschild, Orson Welles, and actress Gina Lollobrigida.
When the tempest of World War II began to subside, Zino reconnected with Cuban tobacconists, introducing the Chateau Series with the widely acclaimed Grand Cru in 1967, named after famous wine estates in the Bordeaux region of France, in commemoration of an evening spent enjoying Bordeaux wines. The success of the series was followed by the lauded Davidoff No. 1, Davidoff No. 2, and Ambassadrice lines.
In 1971, after partnering with his friend Dr. Ernst Schneider, Zino sold the company to Swiss tobacco distributor Oettinger Group (Oettinger Davidoff Group today), remaining as a brand ambassador.
Zino’s relationship with the Cuban tobacconists blossomed into his eventual installment as one of the most important advisors to the Cuban Government to ensure the quality of Cuban cigars after the revolution. Through his role Zino rescued revered brands, including Upmann and Punch, by upending Castro’s decision to merge all the Cuban brands into one national brand.
Toward the late 1980s the relations between Zino and the Cuban Government soured when, in 1989, incensed by the lack of quality, he publicly burned thousands of Cuban cigars. Soon after, production of Davidoff Cigars in Cuba officially ended in 1991 and was moved to the Dominican Republic, where it remains today.
Davidoff Cigars today continue the legacy of perseverance toward perfection and innovation left behind by their gentleman patriarch in everything from the simple, uncomplicated box and the exquisite wrap and finishing of the cigars, to the wide array of luxury accessories and spirits available through Davidoff of Geneva.  Most notable though are the various iterations of the renowned Grand Cru line—an exquisite line of smokes that serve as a connection to Davidoff Cigars’ rich heritage. With regal refinement, and expert craftsmansip, Davidoff Cigars stands nonpareil in the world of premium cigars as a true gentleman’s cigar.
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