Big Ring Connecticut Smoke Cigar Sampler

MSRP: $387.00
MSRP: $387.00

Big Ring Connecticut Smoke Cigar Sampler


Baccarat Gordo NATURAL (6 x 60)

H Upmann Connecticut Toro NATURAL (6 x 50)

La Estrella Cubana Connecticut Gigante NATURAL (6 x 60)

Indian Head Rough Rider Sweets Gordo NATURAL (6 x 60)

La Galera Connecticut El Lector - Toro NATURAL (6 x 54)

Smoking a cigar is a gentleman’s/ladies’ recreation. A pleasure that anybody can experience, from an executive to a truck driver. Even if they are sitting next to each other, their differences don’t matter and the conversations become very fruitful and interesting. This happens because there’s a politeness within cigar smokers, an understanding. For both of them what matters is the process of enjoying a good cigar from beginning to the end and they’ll not do or say anything to jeopardize the moment. Cigars, as you see, are very powerful. They are able to transform any negative thoughts into a peaceful and worthy setting.

La Galera Connecticut El Lector (6 x 54) Mild to medium bodied, the Connecticut gets its name from the Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper that holds the Dominican T-112, Piloto Cubano, and Criollo tobaccos. The blend of tobaccos produces a sweet and creamy smoke, with notes of Cedar and Citrus, that has a hint of pepper on the back of the palette.

H Upmann Connecticut Toro (6 x 50) For a brand as established and reputed as H. Upmann, you wouldn’t expect them to become the trailblazers that are looking to change the status quo and reinvent the wheel. But by using a truly dark, Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper to envelop a blend of Dominican and Nicaraguan filler tobaccos, the term “Connecticut” begins to take on a stronger, darker and spicier connotation. Rolled at Tabacalea De Garcia in the Dominican Republic, the Upmann Connecticut was released to mark the 175th anniversary of the brand, and with the wonderful blend of pepper, woods, roasted nuts, and coffee, this Medium-Bodied smoke finishes with the characteristic sweetness of a Connecticut wrapper, but with a bite that is a welcomed change.

Indian Head Rough Rider Gordo (6 x 60) This long filler Cuban-seed cigar utilizes an Ecuadorian wrapper with a filler blend of piloto Cubano and Criollo 98, making this an extra special smoke. A mild cigars with natural tobaccos flavors with an bit of sweetness with notes of honey, wine , and a sugary cane note to bring this cigars all together.

La Estrella Cubana Connecticut Gigante (6 x 60) La Estrella Connecticut is a Honduran Connecticut blend that delivers a spicy and complex flavor. The blend of Nicaraguan fillers and binder, creates a smooth yet spicy taste of the palate. These cigars are perfect for anytime and it may not be the next cigar of the year but it certainly a top choice for a box that gives tremendous cigars with tremendous value!

Baccarat Gordo (6 x 60) This world renowned cigar is being made since 1871, and was reintroduced in 1978. Its blend is mild with flavors of Cocoa, and Nutmeg followed by a sweet toasted wheat finish. The mild body is produced by blending the Havana seed filler/binder with Connecticut shade wrapper, sweetened by a special sealing technique with Indian gum. Baccarat is different than most Honduran cigars as it is wonderfully mild and easy to the palate.

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