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Cohiba Cigars

Cohiba cigars brand emerges as one of the front-runners in the cigar industry. Cohiba is a famous Cuban cigar made in the Dominican Republic...
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Partagas Cigars: Great for all

Every cigar smoker wants to experience a rich taste. Partagas is a medium to full bodied cigar brand from General Cigar Co. Made in...
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La Gloria Cubana Cigars

When it comes to having a perfect cigar that makes a smoker feel special and distinguished, the only name that comes to our mind...
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Alec Bradley: The Name of Perfection

When smokers talk about a perfect wrapper, binder, and filler that make a tasteful cigar, the first brand that probably comes to mind is...
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Beauty and Perfection of a Cigar: Romeo y Julieta

A spicy and creamy smoke produced by an elegant cigar not only gives smokers a flavorful taste but also makes them feel refreshed and...

Daniel Blumenthal Dies at 94

Industry luminary and father of two, Daniel Blumenthal, died of complications from Alzheimer's Disease at 94 years old last Wednesday in Paramus, New Jersey....

Entertainment, The Old-School Way

Ever heard of Grisel Valdez? She is known as one of the 300 "cigar factory readers" in Cuba. Cigar factory readers go around to...
Matches lighting

Light a Cigar with Three Matches

Executive editor, Gordon Mott, of Cigar Aficionado shows us how to light a cigar using only 3 matches without cutting the head off or...
Jetline Punch Cutter Colibri V Cutter Cigar Scissors Havana Punch Cutter Colibri Nighthawk Guillotine Cutter

Choosing the Right Cigar Cutter for YOU

How about biting off the end of a cigar with your teeth? There are ways to go around this primitive method. Why ruin a...
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Proper Cigar Storage

One of my friends recently started getting into smoking cigars. Of course if you buy and smoke it immediately, you don't have to worry...